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Mediation of color television occurrence inside story of a plot will foster cord

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Recently, mr Yang comes to consumer to disappear of the city zone of heart of heart state city assist office report, he bought machine of colour television of a famous brand at 6900 yuan of money were being spent in some shop 7 years on Feburary 7, when arriving 7 years to watched TV at 9 o'clock in the evening on December 12, sound of abrupt TV phonate, did not give image, screen to become shady deal, arrived to look for after service of some color television to be maintained the following day, foster cordial relations between states at that time, had 8 to appeared again year on June 2 the circumstance of above, he calls to after service again, maintenance technician says, need 240 yuan to hand in upkeep, consumer is helpless request disappear assist the help is solved.

Area disappear assist receive after complaining, the staff member checks a circumstance to not have above all by accident hind, produce manufacturer to get in touch to some brand television next, manufacturer home should send personnel of after service of heart state total representative, came to be maintained freely on June 3 at 8 years, handle a result to this Mr Yang is very satisfactory, give pass the time in a leisurely way technically assist call thanks.

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