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On July 24, 2008, inspect by electron of industry and informatization ministry, China like guild (the following abbreviation " inspect like association " ) seek advice with Ao Wei (AVC) sponsor jointly, " economy of Information Industry of electron of China of the 2nd quarter ran bulletin and news briefing of research of color television industry 2008 " hold successfully in city of Inner Mongolia Huhhot, deputy floorwalker of industry and plum of informatization ministry tall element introduced electronic Information Industry the moving situation of 2 quarters, inspect like association research advisory ministry and Ao Wei seek advice > (AVC) be opposite respectively the color television industry first half of the year and market undertook sum up and be commentinged on 2008, mix to industry heat problem the development trend of second half of the year undertook analytic forecasting. It is Ao Wei seeks advice below (AVC) released content:

One, color television market is primary in successional calamity keep smooth

The Yangtse River of the beginning of the year is medium 2008 downstream snow calamity, " 5.12 " Sichuan earthquake, June Hua Nahong calamity, all sorts of natural disaster are following one by one, but before calamity, the Chinese nation is all-time solidarity, more defeat heals strong, although integral countryman economy has the loss of certain level, but overall still maintained rise situation continuously. Market of Chinese color television also gets as much natural disaster is certain the influence of degree, ao Wei consults a company (AVC) evaluate, total first half of the year 2008 sales volume is 17.83 million, reduced 0.2 % only first half of the year 2007 compared to the same period, and sale is 67.8 billion yuan about.

More than 60 % are in CRT TV market a rural area, the natural disaster to a rural area impact first half of the year more very, the effect that so CRT TV gets is opposite a few bigger, spent sales volume to be 11.27 million first half of the year 2008, dropped 2007 compared to the same period 20 % , and ultrathin CRT TV maintained stability tenaciously, sales volume 2.2 million. Although CRT TV already entered decline cycle, but begin as what after each district begins calamity, rebuild, with pass an imperial examination busy season of 4 quarters tradition, annual compared to the same period attenuation hopeful reduces 15 % less than;

Market of liquid crystal TV also is affected apparently apparently, nevertheless compared to the same period increase rate still achieves 71 % , sales volume is 5.72 million, occupy proportion of market of integral color television to be as high as nearly 1/3. TV of liquid crystal of predicting 7-8 month will receive sales promotion of an Olympic Games period, grow compared to the same period pick up 80 % above; Plasma TV profit from 32 inches and the rapid growth of high-definition norms, obtained the beautiful performance that grows 202.7% compared to the same period first half of the year, sales volume is 810 thousand, as put into production of product line of face plate of plasma of long rainbow of second half of the year and dynamic and high-definition occupation standard drive, will quits ion forms more favorable growing environment.
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