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Color television industry: Content operation becomes development way

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Color television export increases, change of structure of color television technology is marked

Chinese electron inspects the data exposure that studies like guild the ministry is released, 2007, domestic accrete produces color television 88.07 million, increased compared to the same period 0.4% , basic with scale of production kept balance 2006, main change depends on product structure adjust.

The TV of new-style indication technology replaces CRT color television stage by stage. The crop fall after a rise of domestic CRT color television comes 60 million levels, the proportion that holds total output is insufficient 70% . Crop of liquid crystal TV 26 million, 30% what hold total output about. In sale respect, exit is more than the shipment volume of home market slightly, exit measures the proportion that holds output to show the trend that increases ceaselessly. Increase of dimensions ceaselessly as exit, international market demand is bigger and bigger to the consequence of industry of our country color television.

Advisory company of abstruse dimension sale is mixed from industry market feature development trend angle, undertook commenting on to the situation of color television market 2007. Inspect editorial like guild and Aowei combination blue book to show according to Chinese electron, market of Chinese color television was continueing 2007 the road of product structural adjustment, flat changes tide to engulf urban market, the price goes situation is progressively hasten delay, each are big the brand all is in design of product position, industry, more high grade picture effect, all many sided such as new operation pattern undertake hard, launch Olympic Games sale, sports sale in succession, receive 2008 Olympic Gameses year arrival.

Ao Weiying sells advisory company to study chief inspector fills sagacious introduction, overall dimensions maintained market of Chinese color television to grow goodly 2007, sale is broken through one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two close greatly amount to 108.3 billion yuan, growth range is 14% . Sales volume achieves 35.6 million, small grow 1 % . Although, 2007 color television total sales volume only little scope grows, but construction of type of technology of each color television produced marked change however. CRT TV market lasts damply, market of liquid crystal TV continues high speed grows, plasma TV market is immersed in negative growth for a time, the occurrence of product of 32 inches of plasma makes his strong get warm again after a cold spell, and the back sends TV market farther considerably atrophic.

TV becomes domestic recreation center, content operation is direction

Standing vice-chairman expresses Lin Yuanfang, the industry of operation of color television content grows new pattern to implement deepness the development concept that is a center with the user, rely on a system to index of compositive, search is propped up and broadcast the applied technology such as software, it is ligament with all sorts of recreation content, regard domestic recreational core as to show terminal TV, through offerring contented individual and family to be in image sound recreation and affection communicate the integrated recreation of the respect to serve, reach promotion product value and implementation business rise in value thereby, earn the new-style development mode of appreciation profit then.
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