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Prices of 51 color television of Su Ning flat will be faced with an avalanche

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The heavy curtain of big fight of 51 home appliance has not been pulled open, market of flat color television diffuses the taste of smoke of gunpowder that had massiness: Fight in succession in category of numerous home appliance case rise in price old standard when, manufacturer of color television of each joint-stock, homebred flat visits Su Ning in succession however and throw special offer of a huge sum, be about to cause a 51 the whole audience during " flat price great war " . Numerous flat manufacturer why act out of normal behaviour, will depreciate heavy curtain arrives ahead of schedule 51 pull open, is a special offer natural resources that be made an appointment with and is the same as total cast Xiang Suning? Quiet all the more big fight eve, was full of all sorts of detonating all sorts of excellent mysteries of the fuse.

Competition turns white-hot make the price die dish

The it may be said of market of flat color television 2008 is disturbance is folded case, for overall picture bully market of flat color television, homebred, joint-stock a group of people of same interest of two large slab, the business chance that place of Olympic Games of have the aid of, high-definition TV brings, adopt in succession build product line oneself, improve the means such as workmanship to reduce cost, cause the price war of deep administrative levels.

Big fight of first-run flat color television instigates by joint-stock a group of people of same interest. The manufacturer such as Xia Pu, SamSung, SONY promotes product of product line of edition of face of the 8th acting liquid crystal vector to produce level in succession. As we have learned, as a result of product line of edition of face of the 8th acting liquid crystal craft of cut of the edition opposite side was made great improve, make cut 42 inches, cost of 46 inches of edition of color television face that reach above dimension size are lower, TV of big screen flat produces cost to be reduced substantially accordingly, partial product cost even the liquid crystal product under smaller size, and product of small size liquid crystal also will fade out of the market because of this reduction of output. Current, manufacturer of Xia Pu, SamSung, SONY3 had begun big screen product depreciate, and small size TV also began " round off checks inventory " .

Afterwards after 8 acting screen, predict ultrathin, but the OLED that fold collects is tasted newly will be in before long come out in the future. Before this, of industry of whole color television shuffle accelerate gradually. With 51 reliable informations before, the product line of 10 acting liquid crystal already began to build in the round, face the forestall pressure of international tycoon, the value plunges, the contention of mart branch forehead is intense with each passing day, price of 51 will appear in recent years new low!

Meanwhile, homebred a group of people of same interest is quick also follow-up, after joint-stock brand product line upgrades, the homebred brand such as letter of TCL, sea is passed collective and contributive the form that dominates a product line of joint-stock brand liquid crystal, reduce oneself to produce cost, cause the price war of deep administrative levels, a series of act make a part homebred, at present joint-stock price of TV of brand liquid crystal causes concussion in succession, the reporter sells in some home appliance look, TV of some 46 inches of liquid crystal of popular brand, had made the special offer that is less than 7000 yuan, the personage inside course of study is analysed, reduce the aggravate that competes with manufacturer as what produce cost, 46 inches and the market of TV of Duan Ping board occupies the large size of above to rise than still be being met, the stride enters market of medium income main stream. In a group of people of same interest of plasma color television, same contention also is in continuance. Afterwards long rainbow announces plasma of put into production after face edition product line, numerous plasma manufacturer is more with depreciating means, spread out answer. At present the price the color television of 50 inches of plasma under 10 thousand yuan, be placed by numerous manufacturer in succession exhibit a stage.
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