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Color television technology flows hand in hand dart " 3C is high-definition "

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A few days ago, achieve letter of dimension, TCL, sea to wait for genre of technology of color television scope to break through again and again, before Beijing Olympic Games comes, color television tycoon sends force in succession, qi Bumai is entered " 3C is high-definition " times.

3G-USB is " high-definition, high speed, tall compatible " the abbreviation of port, can support be as high as 480Mbps rate to transmit, can realize stable and fluent huge music to admire analyse, exceed big picture to browse, high-definition film is broadcasted and wait for a variety of recreation functions without seam refute color print, still have text to read at the same time duplicate with the file wait for practical PC function. Current, one kind goes up to be added newly in foundation of 3G-USB existing function watch network movie, listen to the song, multimedia recreation TV that sings card to pull OK to be in achieve dimension to be born. This kind of dimension that be achieved names for " CooCaaTV " liquid crystal TV is equivalent to moving computer recreation function to color television, play card OK is moved come home, still discharged DVD dish machine and result to put the configuration of machine, sound box at the same time. These functions can be installed entirely in CooCaaTV, and the user needs to match an U only dish in inserting TV, can use. Of CooCaaTV " cruel shadow " , " cruel is happy " and " cruel K " 3 great merit basically can face recreation of sitting room multimedia to make, its occurrence will replace DVD industry thoroughly, bring into the partial function of computer subordinate, implementation color television becomes the target of center of sitting room recreation, led digital sitting room new revolution.

A few days ago, of industry of global color television get army enterprise TCL released the technology of own research and development, core of liquid crystal industry that owns completely own intellectual property ceremoniously in Beijing -- natural optical technology. TCL assembled classics of experience of staff of many 600 force of global technology research and development, research and development counts year of research and development and countless experiments, invented natural optical technology. TCL natural light is main be in a poor light by trends of technology of TV of liquid crystal of round polarized light and liquid crystal TV two old techniques comprise modulation. This technology belongs to international initiate, it is the one big gain that technology of TV of our country TFT-LCD innovates independently, its fill technology of TV of the TFT-LCD on our country and even international what go up in polarized light technology is vacant. Trends of video of number of TV of natural smooth liquid crystal is in a poor light modulation technology was to achieve international more banner level of advanced, country. The liquid crystal TV set that used this technology draws qualitative, eyesight in promotion protection, environmental protection is energy-saving 3 respects will have great innovation.
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