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Commanding elevation of technology of color television of long rainbow race to c

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Recently, another big plan of Sichuan long rainbow and Shaanxi rainbow -- joint investment makes an appointment with 6 billion yuan of RMB, in Sichuan continous this world construction produces per year more than 2 million plasma screen product line. New investment firm " limited company of indication parts of an apparatus of Sichuan century double rainbow " had held water, bought Korea Ouli to install plasma company limited with the cost of 800 million yuan of RMBs (the parent company of ORI-ON) , latter has Korea plasma of screen originator say, grasp in the hand have 353 patent.

"If we do not have the core skill that masters screen, that long rainbow auxes would rather transition does not make color television. " Zhao Yong of president of Sichuan long rainbow this word, profession on one hand long rainbow " the flat TV that should make the first profit of Chinese produces business " , opened course of study of Chinese color television to be in inadvertently on the other hand the predicament of flat times and but.

It is to be in dimensions and enterprise of gain respect China to facing a choice not only, although be on technology and road, chinese enterprise is facing a choice likewise -- picture tube color television and back are cast show downfallen sign gradually, liquid crystal screen (LCD) and plasma (PDP) became contrary two large a group of people of same interest almost again, where is the future of course of study of Chinese color television?

Enterprise of every home appliance has his solution, some ways are to be done desperately large-scale, some ways of depress cost; are some of; of as joint-stock as world top tycoon collaboration innovate with the technology through buying, find way additionally. But, do large-scale, in course of study of Chinese home appliance, had had in those days the lessons drawn from others' mistakes such as dragon of long rainbow, division, because because the technology of LCD and PDP masters basically,dimensions does not mean profit; certainly,be in foreign in the hand, and accumulate technical base through buying, will face capital difficult position and technical barrier two big challenges.

After all the future of color television course of study can choose liquid crystal screen or plasma screen, this is a inside global limits intense controversy, dan Changhong chooses plasma, from reasonable. Current, the flat TV that long rainbow produces, have liquid crystal face plate already, also have plasma face plate. Liquid crystal face plate and plasma face plate all are occupied overall of cost 70% the left and right sides, different is, liquid crystal face plate is put in technical obstacle in large size respect, dimension of plasma face plate can be accomplished very big, but be in in on the indication screen of small size, grain is an obstacle apparently too.

It is reported, screen production base will be in this plasma continous is in relief break earth. Press a plan, this project first phase always invests about 6 billion yuan of RMBs, by company of MP of long rainbow, rainbow, United States collective and contributive, breach will be given aid to by the industry of governmental dominant fund and bank loan are solved. This also showed a government to support long rainbow compose to propose the resolution of commanding elevation of technology of industry of whole world of system of own intellectual property, race to control. According to the plan, this product line will be produced at realizing an amount 2008, the quantity is postpartum and OK achieve the productivity that produces per year more than 2 million plasma screen, the world before dimensions will be equivalent to eye ranks the productivity of the Japanese van company of the 5th.
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