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TV of flat of SINOCES of the 4th Qingdao is exhibited greatly will spread out

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 By Chinese electron chamber of commerce (CECC) , Chinese electronTechnologyStandardization institute (CESI) is sponsorred jointly, office of investigation of product of electron of consumption of Chinese electron chamber of commerce undertakes 2008 market of TV of flat of number of the 4th ChinaDevelopForum, will hold in Qingdao on July 11.

SINOCES of Qingdao of previous term or session exhibits meeting site

2008 to market of domestic flat TV, the since opportunity that welcomes also is a challenge. On one hand, the advantage advantage of big environment guides wait for a respect for quality of color television product, technology, function

Bring qualitative flight, each color televisionEnterpriseAgree with the window of technology of flat TV product that watchs Olympic Games match to be rolled out in succession, environmental protection of machine of an organic whole of TV of completely high-definition, big screen, number, green already became cannot go against the general trends that turn place hasten; On the other hand, brand of China and foreign countries the antagonism of two large a group of people of same interest also warms up increasingly, in channel, The price, play chess comparing spells the many domains gain such as service, character, the promotion of comprehensive strength just is the focus that prospective company competes.

Meanwhile, of occupation standard of relevant number TV come on stage in the round, energy-saving, Environmental protection
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