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New industry of coal of international of the 2nd Taiyuan and energy is exhibited

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The 2nd China (Taiyuan) exposition of new industry of international coal and energy will come 19 days to be held in Shanxi Taiyuan on September 16, 2008. Compare with first coal exposition, current coal exposition will be in the respect such as dimensions, administrative levels, content, form upgrades in the round.

Be in in view of coal exposition the position that leads energy field science and technology development field and action, begin from current coal exposition, ministry of science and technology will make the country save people government and national Department of Commerce to be sponsorred jointly to sponsor unit and Shanxi, of exposition specialization, open sex of degree of the look up before mixing to will promote further. In the meantime, current coal exposition will with larger scale, more exhibiting, higher standards, stronger professional the important window that makes company of domestic and international coal and field of new energy resources show new product, new facility, new technology, new gain with wider radiation range, become an industry to get army orgnaization of enterprise, scientific research and professional personage begin communication, seek the collaboration, main platform that conspires development.

Current, the 2nd China (Taiyuan) the job of the flutter that enrol business of exposition of new industry of international coal and energy is undertaking in full blast. We will continue to invite China and world each country (area) the tall canal of large company orgnaization mixes the world-class of classics trade official, coal and energy field academic expert and domestic and international professional ginseng postpone business, investment business, purchase business to attend a meeting, hold a product to reveal, investment negotiates and the activity such as height forum. We are expecting your participation and support sincerely, believe you are met surely well-prepared, come back with fruitful results.

Exhibit meeting general situation

Time: On September 16, 2008 ~19 day

Place: Chinese · Shanxi saves exhibition

Approve an unit: The State Council of People's Republic of China

Sponsor an unit: Shanxi visits department of science and technology of People's Republic of China of Department of Commerce of people government People's Republic of China

Exhibit meeting content

New product and new technology are revealed

Safety of safety of equipment of washing of facility for transporting of timbering of driving of colliery production facilities, coal mine, tunnel, colliery, coal, colliery and monitoring, mine and rescue equipment, mine monitors equipment, mine service, coal-bed enrages development to use, place of courtyard of coal application technology, relevant scientific research and scientific research achievement, .

Product of technology of product of product of deep treatment of facilities of production of product of new-style the sources of energy, energy, the sources of energy, environmental protection technology, clean energy; Wind energy, heat energy, nuclear energy, solar energy, live thing is simple can, gas of waterpower, coal-bed and Jiao Lu are gas generate electricity wait for technology of equipment of new energy resources and product to reveal.
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