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Of the look up before Beijing international car is exhibited exhibit can exhibit

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Two years, the fair of Beijing international car that holds regularly, will in April 2008 20, 28 days exhibit central new house to hold in Beijing China International. Bencibo views the subject of the meeting is " new state of · of dreamy · harmony " , it is the exhibition of car of international of the 10th Beijing since was held 1990.
Go to the 9th from first, exhibit a car to increase 572 by 240, include 39 concepts car, among them 92 are appear first in home.

Companies of a few well-known the car that cross a state released 10 global head to send a car in all between Beijing car exhibition period. Ginseng exhibit business to increase 1600 by 400, exhibit an area to increase 120 thousand square metre by 20 thousand square metre, audience discharge increases nearly 660 thousand person-time by 100 thousand person-time, reporter attending the meeting increases 6376 by many 50. Exhibit meeting function to be revealed by pure in the past product, development becomes company of car of China and foreign countries to reveal figure and brand, communication information, seek cooperation, the arena of strategy of sale of executive whole world.

As exhibit meeting dimensions to expand ceaselessly, ginseng exhibit a manufacturer to chase increase, ginseng exhibit item on display to be updated ceaselessly, the influence is increasingly extensive, beijing car exhibits the significant activity postponing an issue that has made industry of automobile of China and foreign countries be in China. And right this year for automobile manufacturing industry of China, began to enter new adjustment period, world car tycoon sends his global head the car to be put in China in succession not only head hair, and the new car that appears on the market with global synchronism also takes the lead in appearing on Chinese market, car market of China is becoming car of tycoon of the car that cross a state to sell the main point of growth of outstanding achievement, china's giant car consumes the market and consumptive potential, business of car of your whole world is looked at with new eyes. And the return rate of the high specified number that has in place of Chinese sale car and low risk, make the world crosses a state car tycoon begins to examine Chinese consumer and Chinese car market afresh.

The personage inside course of study thinks, exhibit to every car for, dot of the first attention is a measure that sends a model above all, global head is sent this year is 7, so-called China is mixed what Asian head sends is already incomputable, cars of this 7 paragraph head hair are the most important. Counted at present have Ao Di Q5, this person that transfers possibly to 2 is huge attention, still have Rong Wei 550, this is to accept enterprise of collect inspire confidence in sb to develop the first product independently, still have wide this own brand, and masses MX and M1 7 whole worlds are own model. Still having a bigger hotspot additionally is every car exhibiting is indigenous industry call big play, no matter was in North America or Frankfurt to had been witnessed, the car that is in China is exhibited, global focus also is own brand. Strange luck 29 brand-new the model will appear. Own this year brand has two hotspots, one is out of so called joint-stock brand advocate, the car department that still has development of own business place also begins gradually perfect. Everybody can be so called independently before discovery fragmentary risk the thing that come out, every manufacturer extends his product line today, include auspicious, Biyadi, product line although unlike strange luck is so rich, but at least from small-sized, medium-sized to racing bike, the product line that has begun to have his and familial feature. The 3rd, should seeing the car is exhibited still is one is on sale meeting, will tell to consumer, glance even the car that appear on the market is exhibited in the car, include the car that appears on the market before April, still should have a look from the angle of consumer personally, feel, experiencing this car is that car that its consider to buy after all.
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