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Infinite have the aid of exhibits business chance image of brand of meeting plat

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Search business chance to popularize company brand

Li Jun without exception (city illicit association chairman) : Haibohui's success is held, those who be benefited is not just an enterprise or it is an industry, the collective progress that should say Haibohui will drive course of study of industry of spin garment industry, hotel, tourism, meal and retail trade. During Haibohui, domestic and international travelling merchant gathers, stone lion is all the enterprise is OK have the aid of this platform, strengthen the communication with domestic and international travelling merchant to communicate, learn their advanced experience, publicize the brand of the enterprise and culture outwards at the same time, popularize brand of image of stone lion whole, promote the culture of whole town grade. All enterprises should learn stone lion the business chance that belongs to oneself is searched in be good at Cong Haibo meeting.  

Promotion service shows good figure
Mr Wang (some hotel vise general manager) : Doing good Haibohui is an important matter of stone lion. During Haibohui, domestic and international travelling merchant gathers, the hotel of stone lion regards the reception of travelling merchant as the window, showing hotel figure outwards while, also bring economic profit to the hotel. In addition, image of the service quality of hotel of OK still and outward conduct propaganda, brand and meal culture, what enlarge a hotel thereby is famous degree.

The whole people is participated in had done to exhibit jointly meeting

Mr Huang (retail from personnel of course of study) : Haibohui's success conducts the development that can promote dress spin industry not only, still can drive at the same time bleach the development that catchs course of study of course of study, complementary feed line of business, retail trade, content shedding and traffic carrying trade. Say so, do good Haibohui, to all enterprises of stone lion, no matter be big company or small company, more or less benefit. Haibohui draws near increasingly, our everyone should act, take an active part in, do Haibohui together result, show the good figure of stone lion to domestic and international travelling merchant, those who enlarge stone lion is famous degree.  

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