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Look clear to not be duped to taste total exposure of flat TV face plate newly

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● preface

Liquid crystal TV the cost of 70 % originates liquid crystal face plate, sales promotion member often use this a little bit to come old write an essay, for instance which product used and so on of screen of Xia Pubing, SamSung, actually themselves does not know what SamSung screen is. And to consumer, be deceived very easily. Actually here is not it is good to say SamSung screen is certain, also not be to say Taiwan screen is good with respect to scarcely, key or support demonstrate technology and drive of DAC face plate, good picture is not face plate creation only character.

National beautiful electric equipment tastes major key of TV face plate newly to check!

We tasted flat TV newly to do major key of liquid crystal face plate to check in the light of what sell the near future in field yesterday, give off for everybody below small be apart from solid take close-up picture, a few sort in be nevertheless before this or be aimed at the market first face plate makes a simple introduction for everybody, if you had understood,can begin to look from the 2nd page directly.

·Riverside of LG flying benefit (LPL) face plate:

Characteristic: Answer time shape of fast, colourful, scale resembles element, can inspect angle big.

The method with resolution best face plate passes those who see liquid crystal face plate to discern like element dot namely, the characteristic of the IPS face plate of LPL is apparent, differentiate easily, next graphs are the picture of IPS face plate that author fact takes.

Feature of IPS face plate

The face plate of LPL is exceedingly special, integral feature is the elephantine element of scale shape, defend oneself those who rise to also comparative is simple, nevertheless here wants to notice, the scale written complaint of the S-LCD face plate of SamSung and LPL is as more similar as element face plate, appear easily mistake. Look carefully nevertheless or can differentiate, the scale of LPL face plate is for instance thicker like element, and the S-LCD of SamSung is very fine, the author can define from the back.

Because elephantine element is honest very small, from far see not easily, we need to come to the face plate of TV of eye press close to be examined carefully. And generally speaking, the screen of LPL and screen of common liquid crystal are different, press a wintersweet loops and whorls on a finger not easily with the hand, namely the firm hold that common weighs now. If see,be the element of scale shape elephant with directional different court so, impose the sentence of firm hold, the IPS face plate that can be LPL certainly so, the advantage of this kind of face plate is to be able to inspect angle tall, answer speed fast, color rendition is accurate, low-cost. Nevertheless defect is light leak problem more serious, black purity is insufficient, some slant blue.
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