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Home appliance industry: White report product presents year old of end to sell s

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Air conditioning industry year old end sale status is favorable

Air conditioning of the export inside statistical indication China was respectively 2007 3192 mix 32.21 million, grow compared to the same period respectively 21% with 24% , and the export inside 2006 drops than 2005 respectively 2% with growth 11% . Look actually from us with the communication circumstance of main company, home sells air conditioning capacity to be controlled in 34 million probably at present. Among them division force market is had rate arrive by the 30% promotion of 7 the beginning of the year 35% of year end, the character that shows its are powerful and brand are integrated glamour. Be opposite as the country energy-saving fall the regulation of bad news is stricter and stricter, air conditioning can effect continues to promote than 9 years, the consumption that increases income elevator belt to come upgrades, we anticipate average level is in price of air conditioning product 8 years to continue slow rise

Freezer industry get warm again after a cold spell still is in continuously

7 years sales volume of inside and outside of freezer industry accumulative total parts to mix 12.22 million for 14.45 million, grow compared to the same period respectively 37% with 20% . It is better to no matter be brand of a gleam of or minor brand sale status,all be behaved, upgrade 8 years to be driven with what product structure improves in domestic and international consumption, industry get warm again after a cold spell still is in continuously.

Sales volume of flat TV home will exceed CRT TV 9 years

Will see photograph of home market capacity compare the whole world currently for lesser, domestic enterprise is to compare international to travel together to there still is very big difference on sales volume more, before 5 do not have the company of our home at all. But arrived 9 years we anticipate sales volume of flat TV home exceeds 20 million, 21% what take global sales volume so, last in demand of such a market below the anticipation of to the limit of one's capacity, the effort that the module of upper reaches of investment flat TV that adds home to main business rises to seek additional cost and undertake each assembles, will give among them the company with operation higher efficiency brings gain to increase a chance. Proposal attention sea believes electric equipment (13.08, 1.11, 9.27% , ) .

Investment is politic: Choice card is made strong

The company maintains pair of division power electric equipment (59.13, 4.13, 7.51% , ) , beautiful electric equipment (45.66, 4.06, 9.76% , ) , Su Bo Er (50.93, 0, 0.00% , ) , Qingdao sea Er (21.15, 1.7, 8.74% , ) , 3 beautiful share (25.6, 2, 8.47% , ) " recommend " grade. Allowance of home appliance go to the countryside and energy-saving illume allowance have the market that is helpful for product of high grade brand rate get promotion.

Air conditioning: Year old end enters small climax of a sale

Industry year old end sale status is favorable
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