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Sensible choice does not buy a few big reason of TV of 32 liquid crystal

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Chinese common people relies on the price to choose TV, this is a fact that does not dispute, and there still is law of a sale in China. Want a product to have a good price only, norms configuration is intriguing, and have bigger sale channel, so this product sells certainly. Of course in front those who say is to be aimed at the basic level consumer at great majority, and be like to additionally two kinds high-definition have a fever for noble of friendly, city, former it is to not hesitate all cost, buy oneself to think the most satisfactory high-definition product, it is the fever that compares high end normally level TV. And what aristocratic consumer nature chooses is give priority to with luxurious air, still have the characteristic that the alternative is the costliest also is this kind of consumer, so we still are in the light of great majority consumer character today.

● 32 inches of TV are enclothed by the ray place of TV of large size FULLHD gradually!

The world is going, the earth is turning. Same, science and technology also develops in what keep, nearly two years the product line technology of face plate of liquid crystal TV matures increasingly, new product line also is built rose many. Brand-new product line is had exceed substrate of big liquid crystal glass, can the liquid crystal face plate with cut more more advanced technology, the manufacturing cost of such liquid crystal face plate got be reducinged considerably, what bring about directly is the case that nearly two years insanity of liquid crystal TV drops price.

Everybody likes TV big, want the price only so quite low, a lot of friends are the FULLHD TV that hopes the selection is bigger. Because this is planted, also is psychology, brought about whole market to produce change, the manufacturer begins to push TV of liquid crystal of low FULLHD big screen again, such doing brought about small size directly of the technical development substantivity of TV of 32 liquid crystal stop pace and backward, had not had research and development on TV of 32 liquid crystal because of a lot of manufacturers, the technology that tastes newly also does not apply on TV of 32 liquid crystal, even some manufacturers the concept to push FULLHD, in tasting TV of 32 liquid crystal product line anew, delete, TV of Toshiba C3000C series is a best example.

So if if you are returned now,in blind pursuit low watchs TV of 32 liquid crystal, a little unwise, because TV of 32 liquid crystal compares a respect to cannot contend with TV of large size liquid crystal from sexual price namely now, and the exterior is mixed all many sided such as the technology are in backward level, today we with respect to adduce a few ground that do not choose TV of 32 liquid crystal greatly, interested friend mights as well discuss together.

● does not buy 32" TV argument one: Be without sexual price to compare!

TV of 32 inches of liquid crystal still was selling last year 10000 multivariate, and arrived to there are 3999 yuan only this year, perhaps everybody feels sexual value is more excellent than comparativing. Really, TV of 32 inches of liquid crystal is remained really the market is at present medium the cheapest TV, because after all dimension is placed here. But if you are careful,look, fall besides Xia Pu, pine with respect to meeting discovery, the high end that the entrance brand such as Suo Ni can have a few ongoing still hair configures TV of 32 inches of liquid crystal outside, the others basically the TV of 32 inches of liquid crystal of great majority brand is in the level that does not have new technology and old product, because the sales volume photograph of TV of 32 inches of liquid crystal compares in former years,the reason is gradually subsidise.
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