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Flat TV is bought to not disregard agreement of support value period please befo

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As the Christmas and new year's day gold draws near what sell a height increasingly, flat TV price begins to become loose gradually, but the sale summit with real distance, still have 20 days of right-and-left time, although the product of a few brands and model already began to reduce the price, but still a lot of netizens dare not move, basically be to fear the price that buys now is high, be inferior to the be to one's profit when new year's day, if have again when the Christmas, new year's day,depreciate considerably sales promotion measure, be being bought now was not to eat to have a deficit greatly.

This kind of concern of the netizen is reasonable. Have netizen of a Beijing, paying close attention to the 42PV70C below the pine all the time. This TV was August originally the bottom just appears on the market, market price case is 15999 yuan on, adjust at the beginning of September it is 14999 yuan. But to this netizen character, still be some on the high side. By September, beijing Su Ning is reduced it is 10999 yuan, then this netizen comes back at moving to buy on September 28. National Day has a holiday, this netizen went to nonlocal travel. Because this netizen before this passes QQ to undertake advisory to the author all the time, just also decide the 42PV70C below pine of choose and buy below the author's proposal. Accordingly, on October 10, this netizen reported the case that buys this machine to the author through QQ. Inform this netizen to go out in its when the author this TV price undertook during travel gigantic adjust, fall after be 8999 yuan, this netizen feels very open-eyed. Say to go out merely travel circuit, floriferous money of 2000 yuan of injustice?

At that time the author thought of problem of support value period, as Su Ning this kind sells greatly, regular meeting has support value commitment, this netizen won't be floriferous of money of these 2000 yuan of injustice. According to the author give directions, this netizen comes to Su Ning the following day, the requirement looks for price difference. But because at that time have been 11 days, golden week sale has ended, when the assistant expresses to be late already. After be informed this message, the author suggests this controller that the netizen continues to seek market talks, hind via talking things over, bazaar considers this netizen 11 during the special situation of go on a journey, take out a compromise proposal finally, return for this netizen return 2000 yuan of shopping ticket, this netizen is satisfactory and return, expressed gratitude to the author.

Carry this responsibility, the author realizes deeply to the value of flat TV netizen is purchased before section of support value period. If choose to move to buy flat TV now, want to obtain the support value commitment of bazaar only, may not cannot. The key of the problem is support value period is affirmatory. If move immediately now, buy must have agreed before machine, should be in only have before January 10 next year depreciate sales promotion, should return return price difference, so OK the rights and interests that utmost ground assures him.
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