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5 action let you become expert of TV of liquid crystal of choose and buy

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1, the liquid crystal TV with choice low power comsumption

The size of power comsumption affects the service life of liquid crystal TV directly. Power comsumption expends report not only greatly, and quicken tube ageing easily, time grew, indication screen fizzles out with respect to meeting hair pale.

2, screen is not had jumped over greatly more

What liquid crystal shows the dimension of screen designation points to is actual can inspect dimension. Housing area of China slants generally small, consumer is unfavorable and blind TV of pursuit big screen, lest screen creates oppressive sense greatly too.

3, examine whether to contain HDMI port

Current liquid crystal TV should be had receive 60HZ of / of 60Hz of / of 1080i / 50HZ, 1080i, 720P the function of these 3 kinds of high-definition signal, because La Guang DVD of future is mixed,HDDVD will use form of these 3 kinds of numbers. Buying liquid crystal TV is to satisfy high-definition video to enjoy, must buy configuration to have the product of HDMI interface.

4, notice picture resolution

The resolution of liquid crystal TV is fixed normally, unlike computer monitor can adjust in that way. At present the mainstream resolution of product of liquid crystal TV is 1366 × 768 with 1920 × two kinds 1080, accord with 16 what what tell normally: The wide screen scale of 9. 1366 × 768 it is a country the lowermost resolution of high-definition TV standard.

5, beware " paronomasia " trap

When buying cannot conduct propaganda of blind believe what one hears, should value effect of practical seeing and hearing. Want to solve problem pulling end to still need to notice: Reaction time, trends optimizes the 120HZ scanning, means that inserts black frame.


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