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Teach you to choose flat TV: See picture measure completely high-definition

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Above all, liquid crystal TV brings the indication appearance of more bright-coloured colour and lustre, plasma TV criterion the screen appearance with praise highly true and natural press close to. Former picture looks very pretty, but partial user eye cannot get used to liquid crystal possibly to display screen, accordingly, visual easy makes one of requirements of consumer choose and buy moderately.

At present liquid crystal TV took market of our country TV 97% city are occupied, than tower above of plasma TV market a lot of. In the center, market of 40 inches of the following and planar TV induces completely a group of people of same interest of liquid crystal TV, plasma TV cannot walk into 40 inches of the following markets because of the technology, make secondhand market of TV of dictate of liquid crystal TV.

② differentiates from screen dimension

Besides screen appearance, space of consumer sitting room also they buy be decided by TV dimension size. Choose the user of plasma TV, go up commonly the planar TV that yearns for larger size, because model of these 40 inches of above often is them,consider a target.

In the past, the plasma TV with long history, precede all the time on technical level liquid crystal TV, indication face plate of large size of rate of faster screen response, easy production apparently strong at liquid crystal TV. In recent years a lot of home appliance manufacturers value technology of liquid crystal TV to develop, join group of research and development of liquid crystal technology in succession, the technology that makes latter is more mature, and lower production cost.

This year in January, treasure of sound of big plant of Japanese liquid crystal releases the whole world the biggest TV of 108 inches of liquid crystal, turn over period of train in excess specified length to illegally or forcibly occupy the whole world first the plasma a group of people of same interest of throne of the biggest planar TV, issue the pine the whole world is the greatest TV of 103 inches of plasma was compared go down. Sale of whole world of liquid crystal TV also turns up his nose at plasma TV.

③ is completely high-definition picture standard

Besides decision of choose and buy is made for you in the price and screen dimension, the future that completely high-definition standard also becomes TV of plane of choose and buy is add value. The planar TV that sells in the market for the most part at present has been accorded with high-definition (HighDefinition) standard, abbreviation HD.

Alleged and high-definition standard is defined, include 720p and 1080i level namely. " simple for, high-definition TV can show screen resembles element higher, can show resemble element picture high. The picture that showing the composition on screen more more like element also becomes more careful and show brighter beautiful image.

Actually, no matter be liquid crystal TV or plasma TV, both did not appear in route of completely high-definition development apparent difference, final decision still is handed in make a decision according to individual be fond of by consumer.
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