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Liquid crystal of 52N81B of black crystal completely high-definition SamSung is

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[Guangzhou prices] TV of SamSung 52N81B liquid crystal is SamSung 7 years advocate one of turning set of series product N8. N8 series uses the black crystal of SamSung to exceed clear face plate, fluent move feeling technology, beautiful the high quality indication picture that collects a technology to waited to assure 52N81B. Bazaar was 42999 yuan to his quote recently, buy return 3000 yuan namely, relatively before paragraph time has again very substantially yield benefit, compare overflow!

TV of SamSung LA52N81B liquid crystal

SamSung 52N81B used SamSung face plate of the 8th acting black crystal S-PVA, resolution is 1920 × 1080, 16:9scale, the brightness of 400cd/ ㎡, 15000:1contrast, the format of liquid crystal TV is 720P, compatible 1080i. So called black crystal face plate, compare traditional liquid crystal face plate, prevented the face plate that the needless light on screen is reflexed and refracts effectively, the radial intensity that makes interior is given out is achieved highest, raised colour to behave force and contrast greatly. TV of SamSung 52N81B liquid crystal still used WideColorEnhancer beautiful colour technology, MoviePlus is fluent alter nature of feeling technology, amount video technology make a picture qualitative get promotion further.

Still have function of a few characteristic in addition, time namely machine of Morpheus, time switch, move machine of channel search, switch to wait, the function is designed very human nature is changed.

In interface respect, TV of SamSung 52N81B liquid crystal deployed terminal of AV interface, S, heft terminal, PC to input interface to wait, return additionally deployed 3 HDMI interface, very practical. In acoustics respect, TV of SamSung 52N81B liquid crystal used SRSTruSurroundXT system, relaxed pine builds a space to surround sound effect, bring distinct spot to feel.

Comment on: SamSung 52N81B used SamSung picture to behave face plate of the most outstanding black crystal liquid crystal, behave in what black setting falls especially. And fashionable exterior design, rich interface configuration and adjustable type hanging system, it is the perfect complement to 52N81B more. Although its price on the high side, but the liquid crystal face plate of SamSung high quality still lets this product content be worth somewhat. The friend that have fun at can go Guangzhou store of place of business of division of Su Ning electric equipment looks!


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