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Looked to like a sitting room special flat TV guides buy

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No matter how home appliance industry grows, digitlization, the significant position that the bedroom regards a tradition as recreation, life decides TV from beginning to end the position of the parent in whole number family. Above all, masses consumer buys TV newly, no matter be flat TV or new idea back,cast (include: Back of 3 type liquid crystal casts the smooth agree that show a back) , it is to satisfy the collective life space of family person recreation, communication, because TV set of level of this sitting room compares the design of bedroom, study,the requirement wants tall, for instance: Male consumer likes the exterior of atmosphere elegance, woman customer likes to be able to bear or endure the design of dirty wear-resisting. Additional, choose and buy person between exquisite also space and flat TV delicate and interactive, the sitting room TV with an excellent design can lay the most point of view in the sitting room, because this is right,suspension and choice of TV wearing design also should have particular demand.

Bright base TV of SH4231 liquid crystal

Bright base a the airframe of black of TV of SH4231 liquid crystal is tie-in purple line, match colors makes us feel very satisfied. Nevertheless the exterior whole design of the machine still does not have a change, the VL series exterior before He Mingji agrees basically.

Bright base what SH4231 used friend to amount to photoelectricity place to offer is special face plate of class A liquid crystal, defend oneself rate achieve 1920 × 1080, no matter join high-definition cable television ors personal computer, all can realize flawless dot to show to the dot. Besides, SH4231 was deployed bright base the famous science and technology that show color (Senseye) , have include YUV colour to increase engine, black rank aggrandizement inside rich picture promotes a function character. In interface respect, SH4231 offerred terminal of off color heft and DVI port not only, still offerred two HDMI high-definition interface, enough is answered include game of second for generations machine or high-definition broadcast the join demand of machine.

Comment on: Bright base the performance data of SH4231 is more luxurious, have completely high-definition resolution and 6ms extremely fast answer time, also did not omit in interface respect, the expression of each respects is very balanced, and sexual price compares its superhigh also is the main reason that consumer pays close attention to this machine.

Suo Ni KLV - 52X300A

BRAVIA had rolled out the 3rd acting product in home, x still is among them admiral series. Nevertheless, this the largest size of X series achieved 70 inches. Among them, 52 inches KLV - 52X300A and 46 inches KLV - 46X300A applied WCG - technology of illuminant of back of colour of CCFL bright beauty, make show broad, saturated and light colourful. Be worth what carry is, BRAVIA   X is the liquid crystal television of the standard of use X.v.Colour colour gamut that rolls out in home market first, if broadcast the picture that the camera that supports level of X.v.Colour colour gamut likewise films, colour general is more bright-coloured and bright.
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