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Home appliance consumption hides trap of 6 big kite

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[Abstract] the country points out in 3 packets of regulations: The index of 3 packets of regulations is the mainest demand, the person that the country encourages a sale and generator are made father to carry out detailed rules at 3 packets of this regulation, the product that the person that do not prevent a sale clearly, generator makes to the prep above country of customer acceptance the responsibility of 3 packets of standards. This explains, "Nuo needs carry out " it is the basic requirement that the country sets 3 packets, the businessman makes the additional acceptance that prep above sets 3 packets also must cash.
Electric home appliancesGuarantee carefully period adduction expends case: This year in March, consumer Zhang Haiming saves iron of saddle hill city to Liaoning on the west area disappear assist complain say: The TV of some well-known trademark flat that bought in November 2005, the volume after using 14 months is added to the utmost, cannot close again machine (close can unplug only when machine power source) , make work to this brand then hind newspaper is repaired. After maintenance technician is checked, maintain " computer board became bad " , guarantee because of more than one year period, need to hand in 2800 yuan of ability to undertake maintaining.
Comment on: Disappear assist after accepting this proposal, think this dispute has difficulty quite for a time, because the state is current,to flat TV 3 packets of regulations have not come on stage. But consulting after random manual, disappear assist the personage found processing basis. Because mention expressly in the manual: "Overall guarantee a year, main part maintenance presses national laws and regulations to carry out. " and distribute home appliance goods about the ministry according to the country 3 packets regulation, color television is overall guarantee a year, main part guarantees 3 years. The computer as a result of flat TV board attribute main part, product manufacturer is in 3 years guarantee period inside have the obligation that maintains freely for the client.
Withhold home appliance maintenance log
Case: Consumer Li Shanliang buys a TV set one year before partly, as a result of quality problem, after service unit has been maintained twice to this television. This year June, the machine appears again Hei Bing, this consumer complains disappear assist, requirement businessman retreats exchange goods. But in handling a process, because Li Shanliang is not taken,give the record that has accepted maintenance twice (the unit after carry out did not offer) to consumer, and the unit after carry out also did not save maintenance data, the visionary hope of melt into of right of goods of exchange a purchase that makes its should be had originally.
Comment on: According to the country 3 packets set, home appliance commodity is inside 3 packets of period of efficacy, repair what still cannot use normally twice, repair record and proof to be in charge of exchange or returning money by the person that sell by what mender offers. To this disappear assist remind, consumer must be asked for and withhold the maintenance log of home appliance, withhold testimony to did not strive for the right thereby.
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