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Netizen the liquid crystal TV that come to an agreement or understanding is wort

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Shop nowadays, the problem with the afraidest consumer is deceived namely, and because had been duped to had sufferred,a lot of consumer also are cheat, shop so more and more scrupulous. Take current and fervent flat TV for, numerous manufacturer pays attention to product sales volume only, blindly insist to make price war, those who abandoned pair of flat TV quality guard a pass, bring about product quality worse and worse thereby, redemptive home begins customer grouse, regretful. For this, be aimed at the misgive of consumer, the author passes special collect a few netizens the liquid crystal TV of come to an agreement or understanding, the evaluation that believes a netizen won't be wrong.

TV of TCLL42H78F liquid crystal

Referenced price: 19990 yuan

The exterior with contracted and fluent TV of TCLL42H78F liquid crystal, administrative levels design that contains the frame that elegant grain acts the role of and quick individual character is same can easily move the heart door leaf of consumer, use particular " U " form frame design makes the ply of openly impressions drops further 34 centimeters. And that is afraid of is not to use hanging, the base of TCL individual character also can bring boundless aesthetic feeling: The base of Bao Xingju form of double deck, cylinder supports put oneself in another's position, body reveals a the simplest beauty with round confluence, and the exquisite administrative levels of brim of base rectangle level is in however contracted in the person that permeate is costly.

TV of TCLL42H78F liquid crystal

TV of TCLL42H78F liquid crystal has the physical resolution of full high-definition 1920*1080, be as high as 10000: The static contrast of 1 and 50000: The dynamic contrast of 1 cooperates natural optical technology to be able to realize the divisional region on screen to mediate again, in order to add light and shade the feeling of picture administrative levels in different area. What the smooth road that approachs natural light at the same time cooperates to carry illuminant on the back is self-adjusting save benefit of the sources of energy not only at environmental protection, the eye that can assure customer more at the same time is healthy. And TV of L42H78F liquid crystal still has Leng Bing trends of number of technology of illuminant of back of colour of technology, bright beauty, DDHD3 is completely high-definition the 120Hz refresh MEMC with chip and the most popular industry inserts frame technology. 120Hz refresh cooperates 4 millisecond to react time can make pull end to add up to incomplete image problem to be solved thoroughly, the picture is more fluent and clear natural.

On interface configuration, TV of TCLL42H78F liquid crystal configured all ready interface configuration, two two HDMI interface, 4S - the interface of USB interface, 3 groups of AV, need that satisfies domestic entertainment life completely off color heft and computer interface all the way.
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