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Culminating choose and buy is directive before great war of flat TV price begins

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The big screen of great war of flat TV price has pulled open the Christmas, new year's day thoroughly, when restful night comes, we provide the guidance of choose and buy of the last moment for broad netizen, can buy in order to make the near future pays close attention to the netizen of flat TV all the time with lowermost price most the flat TV that love.

   32V300A of TV of liquid crystal of 32 inches of Suo Ni enters the line of vision

Suo Ni KLV-32V300A

In Suo Ni the 32M300A in the range of products of liquid crystal TV and 32V300A are distinguished actually not quite, former it is the introductory machine that is versed in in Guangdong generation, latter also is not high-grade machine, those who use is Taiwan screen, it is nevertheless at the beginning of appearing on the market, the price is decided higher just. Before new year's day comes, 32V300A picked the mask of machine of the high end in looking like eventually, move low case ceaselessly. According to newest message, this machine price should be in 5999 yuan, lowermost bargain price is expected to achieve 5200 yuan or so. Although 32V300A image effect is general, nevertheless the exterior designs high elegance, those who go is high-end course, have market competition ability very much.

   Lowest of 40V300A of TV of Suo Ni liquid crystal 7999 yuan

40, 42 inches of TV had been become at present the mainstream of sitting room TV. 40V300A of TV of Suo Ni liquid crystal begins from 11 golden weeks, it is price killer, drop for a time defeat 9000 yuan, cause market heat to buy. During everybody waits the Christmas, new year's day all the time depreciate greatly. This machine uses SamSung 10bit face plate, but the consideration as a result of cost, HDMI interface falls to have 8bit effect only, 8bit effect also is below 1080i chromatism interface. Designing because of what these omiting nevertheless, just provided solid backup force for low, lowest price can amount to 7999 yuan.

Suo Ni KLV-40V300A

In addition we should remind a netizen, suo Ni 40V300A converts recently the hearsay cause a temporary clamor of Taiwan screen, buy before machine, should make a businessman affirmatory use SamSung screen, return money otherwise, use written agreement to make clear.

   TV of SamSung liquid crystal wants to look the price and be decided

The price of TV of SamSung liquid crystal and Suonibi rise, devoid flexibility, its depreciate extent should be concerned with Suo Ni.

SamSung LA32S81B is low end chance, use Taiwan screen, exterior design is general, image effect is general, interface is all ready, predicting minimum price 4999 yuan.
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