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Group of home appliance of Shenyang nation beautiful electric equipment buys mee

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Because involve category,home appliance group is bought various, the discount is skimble-scamble, it is round the operates the hardest activity in buying, decorate charge to be classmates to save truly, the fellow student that asks everybody to attend a group to buy is in punctual at 4 o'clock on October 3 afternoon reach a nation 4 big groups of beauty are bought appoint storefront.

During the group buys an activity, only Guo Meihui is versed in inn has the activity that cut price, everybody plays the classmate that cuts price to was registered to doorway registry office at 4 o'clock afternoon, reported for duty place selection card, model, price partly at 4 o'clock one network group buys distant registry office, national beautiful store is long will be each classmate convert the group of each model buys the price, according to the electric equipment that the brand centers, the division that cut price will undertake the spot cuts price! Ask each TX to cooperate to chop the countersign of valence division, unified cut price! After cutting price, unite distant place of the subscription below one net makes subscription or total money, can brush card.

On October 3, group of home appliance of Shenyang nation beautiful electric equipment is bought greatly meeting, the group buys window:

[mobile window one] : Home appliance big group buys those who share class, of the low, strength of the price big, buy refresh nation beautiful group history the record yielding benefit since. Group of national beautiful electric equipment is bought include freezer group to buy, group of liquid crystal TV is bought, television group is bought, group of small home appliance is bought, washing machine group is bought, air conditioning group is bought wait 3000 more than category a moment.

[mobile window 2] : The group is bought home appliance fell on average that day a 20 % , partial home appliance falls will amount to 60 % , depreciate limits includes each well-known trademark inside, breed exceeds 3000, include group of air conditioning, color television, mobile phone, white report, number, computer, small home appliance to buy wait for the commonnest home appliance commodity, super discount buys an activity for the group only custom-built.

[mobile window 3] : Guo Meicheng is long the safeguard of 19 days of prices that ensures byelaw, below blame limit requirement, the country is beautiful shop 19 can enjoy price difference to compensate a service in a few days.


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