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Energy-saving decrease a platoon, the whole people arouses. It is at the same time around the country louder and louder energy-saving voice, it is at the same time internationally the sources of energy is increasingly nervous, home appliance market also suffers an effect greatly. In " 11 " this round of home appliance sells the golden week in upsurge, energy-saving model home appliance became an industry undoubtedly the largest window.
Sell to home appliance casually walk along circuit, you can discover nowhere is not in product of energy-saving environmental protection home appliance. Energy-saving air conditioning, energy-saving freezer, energy-saving washing machine, still have energy-saving flat TV... what the country will carry out air conditioning 2009 is new can effect mark, freezer course of study also is faced with new round can effect upgrades. Accompanying home appliance of relevant code come on stage in succession, home appliance course of study will enter the new era of energy-saving, green, environmental protection quickly.

In washing machine domain, "Report of section water section " the way that also became manufacturer research and development. Below sea Er, pine, Xi Menzi, LG in succession will a few rise abluent degree, report of section water, section, except bacterium, fall the new and high technology such as a confusion of voices blends in platen to taste washing machine newly in. Sea Er is in those who roll out at the beginning of September " limbo " the characteristic with set the oldest washing machine is " abluent stop namely " , the washing machine after the dress is abluent stops automatically. According to statistic, used " abluent stop namely " sea Er washing machine of the function is reduced in wear rate respect than average washing machine about 25% , report of the province that visit water each 30% . And below the pine, rich world, cygnet is tasted newly in what roll out before the section also have section water function.


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