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Need what should face product of Japanese home appliance calmly to retreat city

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Impetus of development of business of Chinese home appliance is swift and violent in recent years, had held major market share on home market. Review home appliance market of home, had had the world that which kinds of electric equipment is not card of home made product rarely. And former " home appliance is regnal " Japan, show declining tendency on Chinese market however in recent years, the product brand of a few management not to be pooh-poohed rolled out Chinese market early or late. Then, the media of a few home begins to give out such sound: Our home appliance course of study has been in domestic conquer Japan, we also will go up in world market conquer Japan. This kind of viewpoint lets a person can't help can producing the illusion of a few danger.

Indeed, the patriotism affection jumping-off place of this kind of viewpoint is good for certain, raise my China is awe-inspiring, invigorate people morale. It is the Japan that has complex history source with us what is more,the rather that more, no matter from which on one hand they are worth conquer proud. But, face complex market situation, our enterprise people should maintain a what kind of state of mind, be worth us thoughtful. We see no less than: A few other day endowment brand and product, the likelihood because a variety of reasons are incommensurate the market, temporary cease all activities. But this does not mean us to had preceded in every respect at Japan. In domain of a few hi-tech, still be these day endowment brand occupies dominant, wait a moment e.g. digital camera, printer. Additional, from the point of whole world limits, chinese market is one fraction only, still do not calculate even on dominant market. Even if exit Chinese market, their product still has vast market space. So, we want what face product of Japanese home appliance calmly to retreat city.

Will analyse the reason that our company wins this again, discover not hard actually, it is the climate that relies on mainland and favourable geographical position greatly. Take air conditioning for: Our current dominant position depends on scale of production and after service, mastered the matching with overall air conditioning at the same time technology and technology of a few periphery, but component of air conditioning core -- the core technology of compressor did not master however, products of a lot of homebred famous brand should use entrance compressor, main entrance country still is Japan. And in the center of the family expenses that developing a tendency on behalf of future air conditioning respect, realize the air conditioning enterprise of own intellectual property to have hardly, the company that basically is support and Japan and United States cooperates. Be in to Japanese enterprise of family expenses air conditioning retreat city, we can understand so, they are possible " retreat and spin " , brew those who fall one round counterattacking. This, at the outset the movement that day look forward to quits traditional television to production turns and throw flat domain in the round, had given us lessons drawn from others' mistakes.
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