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Develop swift and violent small home appliance to sail on digital sale drive

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Course of study of Chinese small home appliance is in swift and violent development in, data shows, dimensions of market of Chinese small home appliance was close to 100 billion yuan 2007, grew 13.9% 2006 compared to the same period, predict to be able to break through 150 billion yuan 2010.

Look from the pattern of market of whole small home appliance, hutch defends small home appliance to allow to hold dominant position like that, 78% what hold sale. Have a quantity to look from the family, of product of small home appliance of general and Euramerican household door all have a quantity to be 37, and of every Chinese small home appliance have a quantity on average to have 3 only, 4, economy relatively the city that develop also does not exceed 10, especially of rural market small home appliance popularize ability to just start. Can see, in market of Chinese small home appliance, except hutch the individual beyond Wei Xiaojia report nurses market of small home appliance of small home appliance and household still has tremendous latent capacity, breed through new product research and development and market, development space will be inestimable. More what is more,the rather that annual home has at least 2.6 million resident to move new home.

Because,be enormous market size and be as high as 15% to come the profit space of 30% , include a variety of force such as household of big home appliance, intelligence to begin to enter market of small home appliance, according to statistic, at present home produces on the factory of small home appliance 1000, the brand that can see on the market is close 300. Any brand can face two kinds of situations at the same time, it is inviting market cake is mixed at the same time have enough the market dimensions that envisages a space, be intense market competition and sale shift at the same time is coessential change, how to succeed from inside numerous brand break out of an encirclement, it is current force of each domestic small home appliance is indefatigable the question that begs solution.

After experiencing big fight of advertisement, public relations, channel, price, concept, in succession enterprise of small home appliance opened digital sale this gate, the strength that lends Internet uses company brand and terminal annul introduced to drive.

Digital sale is in the be born of industry of small home appliance

Hold through long-term observation and fact of sale of brand of small home appliance, at present the digital sale strategy in be born of industry of small home appliance and method basically include construction of business government website, network activity to hold, advertisement of network news transmission, network puts in, sale of guest of rich of transmission of network community public praise, network, electron issues content, license be on sale of incident of mail sale, network, .

With network news transmission is exemple, divide TV ad piece outside the promotion method such as sheet of as flexible as plane language, DM, placard, Yi Labao, the news sale that community of media of network of have the aid of, network and rich guest launch already was common occurance, and becoming a few dimensions to compare company of big famous small home appliance the strategy of first consideration, this basically is the technical advantage around a few products makes notional sale, for instance disinfection of tide concept, fashionable idea, healthy concept, anion, ozone is disinfected, the bravery inside titanium gold, avoid unpick and wash to wait, and newest " CF carbon fiber " technical concept, these concepts are a few new products mostly after the technology is born, abstract the incisive term that give, benefit resides things value at transmitting a kind of new home, persuade consumer to buy. Some earlier moment, these functions explain news transmission of the gender, rely on sheet of planar media, DM and manual to do mostly, as Internet gain ground, community of network media, network and network rich guest are replacing the position of planar media, make the first selection of enterprise and sale orgnaization.
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