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Price of National Day home appliance falls madly market sale is not lukewarm how

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The personage inside course of study: Battle of sales promotion of the end of the year aggravate

"The price of TV of National Day flat is top this year hit 7 fold, but compared to the same period the enthusiasm of consumer also was hit last year 7 fold. " manager of some bazaar color television plaints, sale of home appliance of National Day whole is far this year not as good as last year, the sale of most businessman is most can with kept balance last year. The reporter understands, although the business chance before the section is expressed great expectations by home appliance businessmen, partial businessman was adopted " reshipment, open new store " wait for means to pull move market consumption, price competition degree also is unusually intense, nevertheless the citizen's consumption was not brought into play enthusiasticly to rise however.

Review price war intense sale outstanding achievement glides however

"52 inches liquid crystal TV fell 10 thousand yuan, this is mysterious price absolutely! " Mr Chen tells department of market of some homebred color television the reporter, only cost have to 9000 multivariate, increase the sales promotion cost of bazaar, manufacturer is sale of lose money in business for certain. Disclose according to Mr Chen, compared to the same period last year National Day, the outstanding achievement of their company glided many yuan 100. The relevant controller of another homebred and well-known trademark discloses, they the color television sale of National Day is most this year with kept balance last year. Some bazaar plum the manager also expresses, compared to the same period last year, the color television of 10 thousand yuan of above sells bazaar high end glide more, bazaar is sold everyday smooth, use very hard hot will describe.

The reporter understands, this year the price of TV of National Day flat, through " 51 " , during the Olympic Games two large-scale sales promotion, to the front of October, the price had reached historical freezing point, price of color television of 42 inches of liquid crystal touchs much continuously 6000 yuan the following, lowest of price of 32 inches of the following color television fell 3000 yuan the following. Face the price advantage sword of homebred color television, the price war of National Day of joint-stock color television is done not have so mad last year, but the price also is to force continuously homebred color television.

Besides color television, freezer, washing machine also is busy season of National Day consumption. The reporter understands, change the value with the civilian of flat color television about the same, xi Menzi, LG, SamSung double open the door freezer price fell 7000 yuan the following, compared to the same period last year 10 thousand yuan of perch, dropped 3000 multivariate, the sale of the market also rises because of price fall. Light industrial electric equipment ice washs Kelinhuadong manager to express, double open the door freezer sale is closer than rising last year 100, total nevertheless amount and about the same last year; In washing machine sale, sale of platen washing machine rises apparent, but overall growth is not apparent.
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