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City of Hefei, Chu makes home appliance industry together jointly triode

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11 long holidays just passed, two city signed city of Hefei of the Anhui province, Chu jointly agreement of framework of base of property of Chinese home appliance, the decision is driving industry of two city home appliance, enterprise, product to achieve an advantage respect of development of complementary, amlposition begins collaboration, form industrial group effect truly, make base of property of Chinese home appliance together. It is reported, after at present Hefei already became afterwards to arrange heart, Qingdao, the 3rd big home appliance of Chinese produces base. Two city together hind, the plan arrives " 915 " evening, What with other area economy cooperative agreement differs is, two city decide a synchronism on preexistence industry program to carry out. According to the agreement, be based on industry of two city home appliance to develop the current situation, will do further make strong existing industry and dominant product greatly, implementation amlposition develops, form transverse level division of labor to produce a system then. Above all, two city join those who strengthen industrial program, the oriented action in industrial catenary is advocated in order to charge company of minute of backbone of play home appliance in compose, support conditional enterprise to cross city to invest collaboration, outspread industry catenary, form fore-and-aft and perpendicular division of labor to produce a system. Next, two city still will build platform of industrial capital attraction in all, publish policy of capital attraction of home appliance industry jointly, avoid a person of same business effectively not to have foreword competition. Next movements of this action are to choose two city correlation to spend the field with powerful effect of big, cooperation, begin jointly form a delegation action business; It is important to be in with crucial domain, the plan, mark sex that rolls out a batch of influential force, rich characteristic capital attraction project. Finally, in respect of resource of talent scientific research, two city decide to build a talent to serve platform in all, include home appliance research and development to share platform among them, the key applies around development of crucial technology, new product, new technology, introduce transnational corporation and domestic home appliance actively well-known company establishs center of research and development in two city. To realize policy butt joint, two city agree to build policy to serve platform in all. To enterprise of two city home appliance especially of famous brand enterprise, high-tech enterprise recombine, collaboration, investment, finance gives fair pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange support; Combination of transverse to investing main body to cross city economy, investment or industrial move, two city can share production value, sales revenue to wait jointly by investment scale; Creation condition drives the financial orgnaization such as the bank to begin different ground loan and the financing professional work that do not take loan scope; Strive for establish home appliance industry to invest fund, give aid to, guide industry of two city home appliance to develop jointly.
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