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08 Olympic Gameses of sea Er green home appliance: Let the world witness " China

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2008 Beijing Olympic Games, it is the absolutely good arena that China shows him to the world. China grasped this opportunity, showed to the world again " China is built " glamour.

This " China is built " , won chairman of Olympic Games Organizing Committee Mr Luo Ge " unapproachable " evaluation. "China is built " entered a new state.

Date from puts forward the earliest " China is built " entrepreneur, be not the Zhang Ruimin of sea Er to not be belonged to. This China home appliance the first CEO, cry with respect to canorous ten years ago piece " sea Er, china is built! " in numerous China enterprise " change a technology with the market " when, advocate to the utmost " bright give you ' China is built ' " , with " ' Germany is built ' , ' the United States is built ' , ' Japan is built ' than on any account " , "Long ' China is built ' ambition " .

Regard home appliance of white of only of Beijing Olympic Games as the sponsor, sea Er group offerred the product of nearly 60 thousand home appliance that includes washing machine, freezer, air conditioning, water heater to wait inside for place of 37 Olympic Gameses, shined to the world " China is built " .

Analytic personage points out, home appliance of Olympic Games of green of sea Er high-tech, let the world witness " China is built " new height.

Sea Er " China builds " product: "Green, science and technology, humanitarian " three-in-one

"Olympic Games of green Olympic Games, science and technology, humanitarian Olympic Games " the 3 Dali that are Beijing Olympic Games read aloud, the program such as the invite public bidding of the attire of appliance of the design of place of perforative Olympic Games, motion, athlete, articles for daily use from beginning to end.

Sea Er is sponsor of home appliance of white of only of Beijing Olympic Games, offerred 60 thousand products for place of 37 Olympic Gameses. These Olympic Games home appliance, it is Olympic Games of travel of sea Er carry out 3 Dali read aloud reflect.

When the reporter is being interviewed, the refrigeration that often hears an athlete to talk about dining-room of athlete of Olympic Games village and the system that make heat. This system was brought to them super convenient with comfortable enjoyment. This system is air conditioning of sea Er solar energy. It can assure dining-room 24 hours to offer place to require cold amount, provide life hot water for dining-room at the same time.

The collect quantity of heat with the solar energy annual air conditioning that this dining-room place uses is equivalent to the quantity of heat that place of 1.2 million degrees of electric energy supplies about, if according to every degrees of report 0.7 yuan are calculated, annual and OK managing moving cost 840 thousand yuan. Can reduce carbon dioxide discharge capacity every year at the same time 480 tons. If with design of 30 years service life calculates, install the system of sea Er solar energy in athlete dining-room to be able to save expenditure every year only 25.2 million yuan, little discharge carbon dioxide to atmosphere 14400 tons.
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