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Plain code of " of homebred flat color television marks a price " practice acce

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During National Day, the reporter understands in home appliance bazaar, brand of partial home colour TV was used " a price " means, this kind " plain code marks a price " the practice gained very great success, those who make product of consumer choose and buy is popular. photograph comparing, those mark a price empty the tall, brand doorway that leaves consumer space of enough haggle over the price with this is opposite cold and cheerless.
The reporter observes, a of sea Er color television taste L32F1 newly appear on the market the price is 3999 yuan, the price of work off also is such; And the price of Xia Pu LCD32A33 although mark went to 5990 yuan, the price that sells actually is 4000 yuan however, want lower than marking a price general nearly 2000 yuan. In the TV of large size, the price of sea Er L42R1 is 5999 yuan, xia Pu 42 inches LCD42GE5A marks a price it is 14990 yuan, the price that buys actually is 10990 yuan. And more or less does material petty gain inspect consumer completely to be opposite the familiar degree of market price case will be controlled neatly.
Wait for a brand in the light of sea Er this kind " plain code marks a price sincere letter is sold " mode, the reporter interviewed a few to buy " plain code marks a price " the consumer of TV, they express, this kind of way is quite good, leave out the time cost of bargain, simultaneity price is compared very good also; And label of a lot of brands must have bit of theory tall, apparently the petty gain after carrying haggle over the price, the material benefit that gets actually is very few, and different consumer negotiates the price that come down different also, exist not the behavior that sincere letter sells.  

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