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Big the Warring States of 11 color television produces flat market share to pick

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In the 11 golden weeks that just go, emersion of color television market is hot scare buying picture. As a result of this year " 11 golden weeks " it is this year the first since off system is adjusted 7 day long holidays, of consumer buy enthusiasm to erupt in these 7 days of concentration. Good to hit golden week this one crucial battle, manufacturer, businessman made sufficient preparation, it is brand of China and foreign countries rolled out sexual price to be tasted newlier than very tall flat TV on one hand; On the other hand, the home appliance chain such as beautiful, Su Ning sells the country a sales promotion move that rolled out greater strength, aroused the blowout of market of golden week color television jointly.

According to statistic, during 11 golden weeks, the home appliance chain such as beautiful, Su Ning sells the country the sales volume of field grew 70% above compared to the same period, grab an eye most with the performance of plate of home made product such as sea letter among them, its sales volume is occupied than exceeding 70% , respect of the letter that occupy the sea discloses, in time of 7 days of golden weeks, the sea believed the sales volume of liquid crystal TV to grow 140% compared to the same period, the sales volume of plasma TV grew 280% compared to the same period, created the history best level. Among them, new product of the TV of LED liquid crystal that Hai Xinxin rolls out and TV of energy-saving series flat was become the mainstream of 11 flat market consumes heat this year, what other and homebred brand rolls out is new article also be favorred by broad consumer.

Good to hit 11 golden weeks this one crucial battle, get ready for fight of brand of China and foreign countries, had made sufficient product preparation: Sea letter rolled out China TV of first LED liquid crystal, this product just obtains 001 energy-saving product certification of Chinese, have the character with environmental protection, flowery, small a rope for towing a boat at the same time, it is current of flat TV upgrade replacement product; TCL was rolled out of photograph the interactive TV that resembles a head; In the LG in foreign capital brand advocate turn chance of digital an organic whole; Day stands advocate push ultrathin TV.

In respect of sales promotion strength, card of home made product also increased investment, outside reaching the designated position ahead of schedule except product value, the sea believes LED to give small liquid crystal, long rainbow to send combination acoustics, foreign capital brand is give priority to in order to depreciate, partial model depreciates extent exceeded 30% .

This, of the businessman also have shock power quite with great quantity, the country is beautiful cast a flat of 2 billion to purchase large sheet, su Ning whole nation is unified purchase 1 million flat, carry sales promotion ad lengthy and tediously on local media at the same time, hit privilege 30% , return now, send great gift the sales promotion act such as the bag, lengthened business hours at the same time, the brand inn of beautiful, Su Ning still offerred the country evening show, these ignited consumer buy enthusiasm.
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