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7 days of sales add Su Ning compared to the same period 70% color television, ic

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Reporter Cong Suning learns, the whole nation in 7 days sells Su Ning to be as high as 70% than amplitude with photograph of the corresponding period, wash with color television, ice among them, 3C amplitude of 3 large category is relatively apparent, it is respectively 80% , 76% , 72% . Condition of situation of get warm again after a cold spell needs to also jump over an invention to show inside domestic home appliance.
Tao Jinghai of general manager of Nanjing Su Ning electric equipment tells a reporter, cancel first this year " 51 " 7 days of long holidays let people pay close attention to more " 11 " . From area of Su Ning Nanjing the analysis of integrated sale data of 21 doors inn shows, since September, the 3C category sales volume such as color television, number is climbed stage by stage litre, especially 11 before a week, digital product is consumption of a week before breaking National Day with comparing the amplitude of 75% with photograph of the corresponding period more the industry rule that stands curb.

As homebred color television 11 before take the lead in depreciating, through the market test of 11 golden weeks, final with homebred, joint-stock " keep abreast of " result peace receives an official. It is reported, color television category held Su Ning the half of country of 11 sales, the situation with not decline to shoulder a responsibility sits firmly the position of old of category sale seniority. And ice is washed also with among them the trend that high-end product takes an amount, rank after color television of prep close behind 2, category of 3C of number, mobile phone, computer the row sells seniority the 3rd.


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