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Associating million letter: November TV monitoring of internet advertising Top

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Recently, the association per the letter online advertising industry monitoring system (AdsRating) issued a November 2010 class of appliance industry network TV advertising list. TOP10 advertisers into the list are: Sichuan Changhong Group, TCL Group Co., Ltd., Konka Group Co., Ltd., Samsung (China) Investment Co., LG Group, Skyworth Group, Hisense Group Co., Ltd., Haier Group, Sony (China ) Co., Ltd., Royal Philips Electronics. Overall, concluded the letter in November released element "class network TV advertising list," a relatively large changes in the ranking. Among them, Sichuan Changhong Group, Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Haier Group last month, remains the first, fourth, eighth in the ranking unchanged. In addition, TCL Group Co., Ltd., LG Group, Hisense Group Co., Ltd. has increased the rankings last month, were now in second, fifth, seventh position. In the November class network TV advertising in the top ten ranking, Konka Group Co., Ltd., Skyworth Group, Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands ranking declined from last month, is currently ranked third, sixth, tenth bit. Meanwhile, concern is the chart this month, New class of advertisers have a color TV - Sony (China) Co., Ltd., is ranked ninth. TV class data appliance industry association per the letter from the online advertising industry monitoring system AdsRating. The system uses intelligent Internet information capture and analysis, timely, accurate and comprehensive reflection of the amount of network advertising, advertisers changes, as well as Internet advertising industry, advertisers, media, running form, and many other creative information. In addition, the association believed the long-term commitment to the Internet per mass data mining and analysis of in-depth, regularly produce and publish various special studies. January 6, 2011 letter of the upcoming association element, "the mouse under the 2010" special investigation reports, this report will focus in 2010 in all areas of Internet users in China to conduct a detailed inventory of hot spots and summary.
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