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TVs are down 30% 3C products to sell full benefits

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End of the year people prime time purchase large appliances, manufacturers and businessmen will do a larger promotional efforts, to the impact of annual sales. This week, the 20th anniversary of end of the year Suning May festival finale will be fully upgraded, then, color TV, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and other traditional consumer electronics sales will be five fold the price of full set off price surges. Energy subsidies paid out of their pocket: near the end of the year, for the TV category in terms of marks the arrival of the real season. Suning taken off TV Ministry official said, the 20th anniversary of the country nowadays comes Suning Sheng Hui on the occasion of celebrations, including Hisense, Haier, Skyworth, Konka, Sony, Panasonic, Changhong, TCL, Sharp, Philips, Toshiba, Samsung, LG at home and abroad, including several color TV giants have the resources to increase the intensity of Suning channels, in addition to introduction, including high-end 3D TV, PDP Plasma TV, the TV will be inefficient to the clearance of discounts and subsidies for energy-efficient energy-saving TV comprehensive storm off none other initiatives. Suning reporter learned from this weekend, Suning TV will be as low as 6-8 inefficient folding, the same time, Sharp, Skyworth, Samsung led the major brands will be some type of profit sharing rate of 30%. Suning side said, LED products as an alternative to the mainstream trend of LCD products, more and more widely of concern to consumers. Suning also carefully worked out an economic loss for consumers: a 32-inch LCD flat panel TV with high energy consumption 6 hours of electricity, according to a daily average of 6 hours of power calculation, the annual electricity needs of 365 degrees to each 0.5 yuan in terms of electricity, the user need to pay electricity bills a year nearly 190 million, while at the same time, the same brightness, LED energy-saving 32-inch TV, pay electricity only 54.75 yuan a year, saving nearly 130 yuan . Wash off the ice as low as 5 kitchen: a large number of promotions in addition to TV, to washing the ice, the main kitchen and the white category was fully optimistic about the major manufacturers, Siemens, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sanyo, Haier, Midea , Haier, Electrolux and other major ice wash brand, led by a sharp decline in sales in the full range of Suning in the high-end products, the United States is simultaneously launched a new strategy for the global white, homeopathic increase in the nationwide promotion Suning efforts. Major manufacturers to help out in full, based on the introduction of Suning ice wash category, "offers 300 full 1000, over 3,000 offers 900" of the end of the year Pratt & Gifts wash off the ice. 3C products sold benefits the city: It is understood that starting iPad computers Suning, iPhone4 favored to win the market mobile phones, led 3C market, a strong surge in sales that the major efforts Suning "benefit selling" drew much public support. Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Canon, Sony, Samsung, JVC, HP, Toshiba has a good professional reputation of the brand of the machine manufacturers have to start by the end of the year Hancu marketing blitz. To communications, for example, in addition to Lenovo Le PHONE, LG's first 3G mobile phone, Samsung S5750 starter, the Suning will introduce 0 yuan purchase, buy a mobile phone to send calls and other value activities. In addition, before the end of the digital category for explosive growth, the category has naturally become the highlight of celebrations on promotions. Reporter taken off from the Department of Digital Suning learned that because Sony has conducted two rounds of price adjustment within two weeks, attracted the digital camera according to the factory have follow-up to Sony HX5, for example, its market price in 2550 yuan, Suning stores or and 2150 yuan; Sony A290 lens kit will be based on the original 3,400 yuan and then straight down 400 yuan, becoming the first moment the market fell below 3,000 SLR camera, the Sony based on the large diving to Casio, Nikon, Samsung, Kodak, led by the major digital brands have set off a price surge.
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