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LED TV to seize the Chinese color TV market share into three

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After more than a year of training, in 2010, LED backlight LCD TV (hereinafter referred to as "LED TV"), the speed of development has far exceeded industry expectations. Orville Consulting (AVC) predicted that the fourth quarter of this year, LED TV market penetration will exceed 30%, and further to replace the traditional LCD TV. 20% penetration rate of the third quarter At the recent third quarter of 2010 economic performance of China's electronic information industry research conference, Orville Advisory released data show that after entering July, LED TV New frequent, low price levels, LED TV penetration is rising rapidly. Statistics show that the third quarter of the national LED Retail 827,000 television sets, 20% penetration. Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day double period, market penetration and even as much as 42%. In the domestic brands, LED TV's growth trend is particularly evident. Double period, Hisense, Skyworth internal LED TV penetration has exceeded 50%, Haier, Konka, Changhong, more than 40% to 71% domestic share of the brand leader in LED TV market. In fact, most companies did not expect that LED TV era would come so quickly. As home appliances and other policies to stimulate, last CCFL backlight LCD TV market has boomed. Late last year, most manufacturers hoarding or CCFL backlighting, LED backlight technology as rapidly maturing this year, the upper panel prices fell rapidly, leading to CCFL backlit LCD panel prices have fallen; the other hand, the market is not in the popular imagination, each of which Stock serious. Through the third quarter after the clean-up old TV inventory, LED TV will be the fourth-quarter domestic sales of color TV key. Because November is the traditional peak season for decoration, but also the peak season for TV sales. Fourth-quarter prices continue to fall "We hope that future LED products are the main source of profit for the domestic market, it is necessary to fully grasp the LCD to LED transition." TCL official says. Konka stakeholders also said that since March this year, pushing the main LED products, "to now be completed from CCFL to LED's smooth transition." Data in the third quarter, domestic brands have occupied new LED TV LCD TV more than 55% of the total new product. "After the launch of new products, mainly rely on their low-cost strategy, LED TV sales to grow so fast." Industry told reporters that the brand in a number of low-cost double to do before and after the promotion, sales played an important role in promoting. "Eleventh" period, the domestic 42-inch LED TV round below 6,000 yuan, one of the most expensive 42-inch LED TV has fallen to 5,400 yuan, with the same size LCD TVs is almost the same.
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