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Integration of Chinese color TV enterprises encounter difficulties has become a

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Throughout this year's color TV industry's performance, no doubt tasted the sweetness of so many of the manufacturers products last year to the astringency children. LCD TVs based on 2009 growth rate of more than 100%, and the policy implications of the two appliances, many domestic manufacturers from the market this year will still be a hint of fire. It is understood that the industry generally estimated sales this year Sales potential to reach 45 million units, but also developed a less than last year's sales targets. However, the development of events there is often variable: data show LCD TV retail volume in the first half of this year was only 19.49 million units. A direct result of overly optimistic expectations of the stock is difficult to digest, the resulting inventory costs , To the enterprise of pressure. This year, the Korean and Japanese companies in China at all levels of a sudden started an unprecedented market, "price squeeze war." "To maintain market share, national brands had to be forced to follow-up, which was quickly pulled in product gross margin Low, which also contributed to the domestic TV industry sales continue to lower than expected, the key reason why the growth rate gradually slowed down. "TV Konka Group General Manager, Marketing Division Huangxin Zhong said. Fortunately, the slowdown in the domestic color TV the other side, is a local business opportunities for self-analysis and adjustment. "The current inventory of state-owned brands face the pressure, the price war pressure, essentially from the longitudinal Degree of integration of the industrial chain. "Huang Xinzhong frankly, in the contest between Chinese and foreign enterprises, foreign brands in the upstream resources, brand premium aspect is dominant, while domestic enterprises Konka TV backlight module local support Higher, some brands upstream accessory products are a great dependence on imports, and only set up as soon as possible upstream in order to resolve the source of the embarrassment of the local TV companies. In the upper reaches of hardware support, and Konka first core technology research, and built China's largest independent research and development of LCD modules, production, supporting integration of machine production base, and plans to build eight LCD module production line, 6 Article LCD TV production lines, annual output of 8.2 million units of LCD modules, LCD TV, 4.2 million units, with annual sales of over 30 billion yuan in industrial scale. This undoubtedly is the color TV industry is a major breakthrough. You know, the LCD module is a key component of LCD TVs, LCD TVs accounted for the cost of 70% of manufacturing costs, while most domestic brands of LCD modules can only choose Choose outsourcing. Not only that, long ago, LCD TV sets Konka's first official off the assembly line, the official realized the integration of LCD modules and machine, could be described as Konka further enhance the ability to control the industrial chain add another one Bricks. In terms of software, software upgrade is the content of the construction of upstream applications Konka TV top priority, following the launch of Smart TV full open platform, Konka adopt a "three-step" strategy to gradually open the whole of society Admission application. The awakening of the industry in the "Golden September and silver October" has been verified during the: on the one hand, before and after National Day, many local TV companies in the promotional investment, marketing, strategic positioning on the major shift, "to push new products, sell high , Re-value "and began to play a leading role action; other hand, as the industry entered a consolidation period, leading domestic color TV enterprises will integrate industry chain, market competition in such areas means a new round of exploration.
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