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TCL color television innovates ceaselessly gain favour

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Recently, TCL color television faces the market to be rolled out ceremoniously 2008 flagship product -- X9, this is the whole world first high-definition and video interactive TV, also be a product with most patent of TCL only fund.

Begin from 2007, TCL rolled out products of a few liquid crystal TV that have main force in succession: From the whole world H78 of TV of the thinnest liquid crystal arrives inside embarking course of study initiate " natural optical technology " E9 series TV, arrive again newest the global head stage that roll out is high-definition and video interactive TV X9, these are bearing the weight of TCL all the time since the technology of ceaseless innovation.

As we have learned, among them " natural optical technology " or the patent technology that first time of job of Chinese home appliance exports him to abroad, it can reduce specific power consumption of liquid crystal TV 50 % , alleviate effectively the vision that watchs TV for a long time to bring is fatigue.

"Use internationalization conformity dominant position, the company will pass own development and the mode that precede with the whole world the company cooperates, promote the innovation of the product capability, increase the investment of technology and research and development, offer the product that provides competition ability most for consumer. In the technology banner premise falls, TCL maintains from beginning to end make the advance side by side- do two or more things at once with character, let more person can experience the glamour of digital age is in ahead of schedule. Let more person can experience the glamour of digital age is in ahead of schedule..

Yang Fuzhong of vise general manager of center of research and development of TCL whole world expresses, flagship product X9 arrives from research and development make, have a lot of technologies rear propping up. Top class industrial design level lets the whole world precede inside the exterior course of study of TV of TCL liquid crystal, first liquid crystal of domestic is flexible the quality that product line ensured TV of TCL liquid crystal.

Not long ago, TCL was to be obtained continuously more " large award of success of international of year of TV of 2008 China number " , " digital TV industry drives prize " wait for many award. TCL multimedia is already preliminary the conformity that finish, enter steadily develop level continuously. In the meantime, its show in the rapid development of domain of liquid crystal TV TCL multimedia already complied with global TV market from CRT the transition to LCD domain, the core competition ability of the enterprise also is strengthened further.

Of the pursuit that experiences to high-tech seeing and hearing and fashionable exterior design expect, already made the consumptive trend of future of market of dominant color television. TCL respect expresses, hold the demand of consumer only, ceaseless innovation technology, roll out the product that true human nature turns, just can win the market and customer truly approbate.  
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