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Who affected the situation of Chinese flat TV?

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"Taiwan screen wave " , 32 inches of plasma appear on the market, project of rainbow Europe PDP lays a foundation, foreign capital brand starts price war again and again... flat TV home is overall 2007 the company has gone all the way from inside pressure

Because show core component to be short of,break, whole mechanism makes trade the component of 80% relies on an entrance, crucial part from beginning to end person of be enslaved to be enslaved to, industrial catenary is not complete, face plate material, component and special device are homebred change rate inferior, the stability of industry of TV of our country flat, healthy progress is restricted badly.

Stand in industrial height

"If cannot master upriver screen resource, chinese TV is overall the cheap assembly that the enterprise counterpoises to do not have speech with respect to can progressively be reduced to poverty workshop. " the mayor that as the Zhao Yong of person of door of control of long rainbow group Ceng Renmian in relief city is in charge of industry, he realises soberly, the shortage of flat core technology and industrial catenary has become the main obstacle that restricts development of Chinese TV estate. Invest project of rainbow Europe PDP, solved TV of long rainbow flat to develop strategic problem not only, more important is complemental the congenital blemish of industry of our country flat.

"Project of rainbow Europe PDP leaves build, indicate the core technology capability that tastes a domain in crucial ministry gets a long rainbow consolidate and promote, the industrial structure of long rainbow and growth pattern get optimizing further. " a few produce classics analysis personage to think, "Project of rainbow Europe PDP will perfect catenary of industry of Chinese home appliance, adjust structure of Chinese electron Information Industry, promote the whole world of Chinese home appliance competition ability. Promote the whole world of Chinese home appliance competition ability..

"Regard the large investment that Sichuan saves as the project, project of rainbow Europe PDP and compressor project will drive development of Sichuan electron Information Industry, it is important to develop hopeful develop hopeful Chinese electron Information Industry one extremely. " region economy studies the expert emphasizes, adsorption of many resource of industrial form a complete set arrives continous is in relief, to its economic actual strength and development environment will greet qualitative leap. And to length and breadth of land western area, rainbow Europe project gathers to industrial resource, the radiation effect of the respect such as industrial efficiency promotion and improvement of business travel environment is quite tremendous.

Xing Daoqin of president of Inc. of rainbow group electron thinks, course of study of about to give birth of cover of job of Chinese home appliance upgrades and industrial transition, project of rainbow Europe PDP is choice of a strategy, this action casts off company of phone of the state in quickening the situation of low-level competition.
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