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With respect to major of the problem after flat TV makes work the personage help

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A few days ago, chinese electron inspects what announce like guild " flat television after service carries out an opinion " (next weighing " opinion " ) carry out formally. Flat TV regards the value in common people home as one of highest home appliance, problem of its after service, cause the attention of numerous and professional personage again, raise for consumer in succession action.

Relevant statistic shows, flat TV of the whole nation complains the half above that occupies all television quality to complain, complain concentration to be in common bad feature, window, lubricious dot, dead machine, do not have sound, image ambiguous, colour is inhomogenous wait for a respect. In addition, after a lot of consumer are buying flat TV, to guaranteeing period hind those who maintain TV is tall collect fees prepare without psychology, "Can afford long do not rise " contradiction is shown increasingly.

Professional personage points out, it is at present in the family, TV still is main recreational tool, and flat TV because its value is high, more become a lot of families " baby " , if produce quality problem, consumer is met on one hand very anxious, on the other hand, to knowledge of respect of a few after service " deficient " invite customer " try anything when in a desperate situation " . And the key that solves this one problem, it is to understand process of proper consumer dimension authority first above all, know pass the time in a leisurely way assist action. Because TV is the things of big high spending of a family, be about to consider and choose the brand that a few have system of perfect after service before buy so.

It is reported, at present on the market, the homebred brand such as Er of such as Kang Jia, sea built perfect after service system, from go up at all ensure consumer is in after buying satisfying product, once appear,be in in use process problem, get in touch with company customer service for a short while when professional maintenance technician comes to serve to obtain an enterprise to reach thereby, serve effectively and have nothing worry about.

See after service of a brand be done well, professional personage decides 3 levels for consumer: Should react fast, 2 want a technology tall, 3 VIP sex is changed.

Before, a lot of enterprises are in after service process, often every area uses different after service phone, and often produce telephone number to change and the phenomenon of consumer utterly ignorant. And the only way that avoids this one appearance starts unified after service hot line namely. It is reported, regard the delegate of homebred flat as the brand, kang Jia is one of businesses that start the whole nation the earliest to consolidate service hot line, current, kang Jia unites 4008-800-016 of service hot line 24 hours to debut inside countrywide limits.

Same, to the technical level of maintenance technician, also be the focus that consumer pays close attention to. A lot of families have such concern: In case in overhauling a process, encounter technical dish bird, not only repair bad, can cause instead other damage. Face the doubt of consumer, at present a lot of enterprises issue great strength to promote the technology of after service personnel the standard.
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