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Qin Gefang: TCL escapes from death

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TCL overshot in come off and recombining 2007, look according to the information of each respect, through 04, 05, deficit, before TCL of 7 years will present alive person and capital city front with the forms for reporting statistics of a gain, be affirmatory and undoubted, those who arouse controversy is, of TCL advocate whether did business Wu also overshoot endless winter begins to enter restore a gender to grow? This only middleaged eagle is in TCL to be dropped through pecking old after old feather, whether had grown newborn feather, begin to want to hover in blue sky afresh?

Because be after executive internationalization, TCL president gives off such as for many times " 18 months are twisted deficient " the brave words of and so on and come to nothing time and again, although TCL has walked out of predicament really now, the outside is afraid to also not allow inside short time to the suspicion of TCL easy eliminate.

And TCL manages two big advocate course of study, the core technology after color television is encountering industrial technology upgrades is short of those who break is painful, mobile phone respect still should face the dimensions barrier that centers to advantage company increasingly. Does TCL still have a serious illness after all is how old competition ability be expert at base oneself upon of course of study? After twisting the risk that avoids to retreat city fortunately 7 years to remove, what probably investor cares this further.

The individual feels, can give compare hopeful anticipation at TCL.

From industry point of view, TCL place manages two big advocate course of study, while TCL begins to carry out internationalization at 3 years, also as it happens enters inflection point, the technology of color television upgrades and the transnational corporation of the mobile phone kickbacks, bring about what the internationalization of TCL loses home market to prop up directly, this is the prime cause seat that causes TCL internationalization to suffer a defeat, so color television market, the seesaw battle that two large a group of people of same interest pass home and foreign company two years this, forming the competitive situation of a relative stability, according to respective advantage, predicting international enterprise still can hold the market of opposite high end, the market share after stability can have certain atrophy. Mobile phone market, what homebred mobile phone is in a few years is low after confusing, begin to show the sign of get warm again after a cold spell, although can not return certainly 2002 brilliant, but promoting somewhat on portion should expect. TCL is in the advantage on the mobile phone is to used OEM to stabilize condition on the international market, it is next how from hit inside extroversion, had had rise abruptly quickly last time the switchback experience of rapid decline, believe those who meet is dovish this, but what can go is farther.

From enterprise oneself angle, although internationalization suffers a defeat, but left two useful by-product to TCL, it is the structural frame that formed an internationalization, after this and long rainbow internationalization suffer a defeat, complete withdrawal home is a better outcome. 2 it is right constituent system finished enterprise interior to update, large quantities of new personality place that run eye shot of international of the more that be had high formerly are replaced, through a winter, the bacteria inside body also can be killed in great quantities relatively, for instance vassal culture, proud mood.
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