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Liu Buchen: Flat TV market or 3 minutes of pattern

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Recently, by the whole world the oldest brand seeks advice from d of n of a of r of b of r of e of t of orgnaization i n to combine domestic famous media " forum of valued operation of brand of the 3rd China " hold in Shenzhen, among them, kang Jia around i - motion of t of r of s p o is high-definition the case of integrated be on sale that is technical core shows itself in numerous and well-known trademark, have the honor to win " 2007 China optimal brand builds case " , become only to win this award color television brand.

"Kang Jia values market of Olympic Games flat all the time before this, and the way that cuts is crucial, move motion finally surely high-definition, be those who come from demand of the person that expend at offset hold. " Mu Gang of general manager of department of career of sale of health beautiful multimedia expresses, detail of flat industry division of labor, what upriver technology affects terminal firm directly is decision-making, this has the industry that does not run at other height unifinication, also be the work force place that long-term technology war reflects the domestic flat firm such as Kang Jia.

"High-definition direction for a time all leads flat market old, however the arrival of the Olympic Games becomes the watershed that breaks this one condition, china and foreign countries is sent each part company. " Liu Buchen of home of observation of senior home appliance is analysed to media, foreign capital hits price war to deviate from badly continuously direction, of Olympic Games market drive basically carry program by domestic brand, appeal to from consumption beg set out form in order to move 3 minutes of pattern of high-definition, multimedia application, ultrathin exterior.

As we have learned, before two months, electric equipment of Su Ning of tycoon of home appliance chain hand in hand domestic and international brand of nearly 20 famous color television, urge campaign energetically high-definition flat TV. In the meantime, beautiful electric equipment of another tycoon nation is met in year peak upcast goes out with great quantity order. The personage inside course of study discloses, motion is high-definition TV also is inside " big head " .

Mu Gang expresses, through cooperating with firm of the famous ad that cross a state, the customer with new construction of large-scale devoted terminal communicates Kang Jia interface, the integral figure with implementation high-definition motion arrives from the brand the overall output of the product. Current, kang Jia distributings to be enclothed at the site of terminal door inn of various city rate be as high as 96 % . Pass communication interface comb, make each channel is motion with particular brand individual character high-definition product open up new route. And the autograph makes an appointment with aquatic sports center, product to enter be stationed in national Olympic sports center to wait with great quantity, the force that makes motion high-definition is obtained quickly release.
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