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Achieve dimension president Zhang Xuebin: Course of study of Chinese color telev

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Recently, zhang Bin of the president that achieve dimension points out when accepting a reporter to interview at present course of study of Chinese color television is lying battle royal times, basically have reason of the following respects:

Above all, arrive from CRT flat, especially liquid crystal, main technical platform is united gradually, the difference of the product is less and less.

The 2nd, flat TV has the feature of IT industry, what main body progresses in applied technology now is very fast, price height uncertainty, this and CRT times are different.

The 3rd, flat TV is paid attention to more specialization. It is this product itself the likelihood is comprise by a lot of components, and these components often can undertake specializationing manufacturing, more OK resembling computer industry is same. Of this kind of industry promote, when coming in at the beginning, everybody thinks this is a tremendous market opportunity, the person that can have a lot of new affiliation comes in. These two years, TV does not do before home also do TV now, make computer also do TV now, make mobile communication also do TV, cause the situation is a bit random now.

Nevertheless, the main reason of the troubled condition of the market is not the new person that join, however of transnational corporation flock and enter, basically reflect in the following:

The first, chinese market itself is very big. What take a fancy to before transnational corporation is China's low production cost, now more it is to value China's tremendous market opportunity, it sees Chinese market from the whole world, new position. In CRT times, we see foreign capital brand is hit to get scattered here and there by card of home made product, because market share is very small, be in " flat times " when coming, they are eager to wanting to return former market position afresh, so it can bring global resource into play to participate in competition to China, drive by global strategy fixed position that is to say.

The 2nd, confused and main because " price war " . Foreign capital brand does not make price war before, it also makes price war now. Why to hit? Actually the reason at the back of it has at 3 o'clock: 1, the itself on flat TV technology cannot resemble original CRT period same, depend on technology of a forestall, original Suo Ni has specific technology, its forestall this technology, can sell piece tall severalfold price, did not have now. The value of the brand still is based on a product, still be based on a technology, the technology was done not have, the price can fall certainly. 2, the otherness of technical itself is smaller and smaller. 3, the main reason that starts price war still is wanting to make the share in Chinese market at foreign brand. Do not have friendly intercourse long-term in light of, this kind of practice can make the value of foreign brand and Chinese brand difference smaller and smaller, time grows, the person that it becomes a follow-up probably.
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