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Consolidate success or failure of double standard of flat advantage TD decides t

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Recently, the project of industrialization of terminal of TDSCDMA/GSM double standard that the sea believes obtained electronic Information Industry to expand the support of fund. In flat TV competition intense with each passing day market background falls, the sea letter that has been in market perch goes further very hard, and extend to domain of product of multimedia consumption electron from original and single home appliance field, the success or failure of mobile phone of TD double standard develops those who decide the sea is believed height.

Technical investment consolidates flat TV advantage

According to Zhong Yikang statistical data showed September, before sale of flat TV market 3 is the sea respectively letter, start the shop sign of home made product such as dimension, TCL, and the sea is believed with 12. The market share of 76 % resides market a list of names posted up high head. This also is the sea believes flat TV to hold throne of first of market of Chinese flat TV 3 years continuously since 2004. And 1 - before September 3 quarters are whole color television market, the sea is believed also with 11. The sale of 11 % is had lead be far ahead, achieve dimension, TCL row 2, 3, the sale of sea letter color television is had lead the 2nd to amount to 12. 1 % .

"Sea letter is competing the position that keeps banner from beginning to end on intense with each passing day color television market, letter of profit from sea is accumulated for years " , liu Hong of general manager of Inc. of sea letter electric equipment is new think so.

In fact, "The technology establishs look forward to " the development strategy that is sea letter enterprise all the time and the law code that retain competition ability. As we have learned, the sea believes electric equipment to wait for the whole world in China, United States, Holand, south Africa 7 areas establish center of research and development, realized uninterrupted research and development 24 hours, the charge that is thrown every year in research and development occupies the 5 % of sales revenue, prep above is average the level is close fivefold. This believed the product that rolls out the market to precede in synchronism of home, international market to provide powerful technical support for the sea.

Accordingly, when sea letter released what immerse oneself in own research and development with lustrum 2005 " w of e of i of h i v believes core " be in the success is subsequently great batch is overall application, and when technology of freezer of vector frequency conversion is succeeded by sea letter research and development, everybody does not feel accident. This year September, sea letter built industry of Chinese color television product line of group of model of the first liquid crystal, as first " sea letter is made " liquid crystal shows screen to go up from product line slowly get offline, the mark is worn sea letter obtained revolutionary breakthrough in level of technology of core of industry of liquid crystal TV. In the meantime, group of model of TV of Chinese liquid crystal depends on the current situation of the entrance to will be broken thoroughly entirely almost.
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