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Why does predestined relationship of foreign capital flat carry a price war big

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Recently, as a few major investigation orgnaization and home appliance chain are announced color television sells check data during National Day this year, brand of color television foreign capital makes a central point again. No matter be to be shown data builds a holiday to still use price war, of foreign capital brand retail surmounted native land brand already completely. According to what Zhong Yikang announces retail volume had TV of flat of 2-8 month China 2007 rate case, foreign capital brand held the market share of 57% , in ranking before 10, foreign capital brand holds 5 seat. CRT times is in China riverside of the Toshiba of keep an enterprise going by painstaking effort, flying benefit and Xia Pu, already rose abruptly afresh in flat TV times, samSung is to ascend body market is had more before rate 3. The data with beautiful country shows, before amount is being sold during National Day 5 are foreign capital brand completely.

How foreign capital brand explains or deny without giving thought to, the price war that its once distained made the weapon with their the most powerful nowadays however, be what lets foreign capital carry the banner that had price war sturdily? Concerned personage says, such result is foreign capital brand suffers be caused by of approach of market environment place actually, it is the market in competitive process inevitable.

Once advantage within one's grasp does not wish to make price war

Flat TV popularity is earlier, brand of domestic colour TV rolls out his flat TV in succession, but intense market competition makes native land brand raised price bolo in succession, the intent gets more market share, price war also allows card of home made product one artillery piece has his moment, be flat TV popularized promotion to have positive stimulative effect. To 2005, the market of Chinese native land brand is had rate for 57% , after this, internationalization becomes enterprises of all native land color television to extend the option of the market. And the foreign capital brand that owns natural resources of technology of indication screen core does not wish to have price sales promotion easily however, the technology increases the brand dominant position of oneself, in share of industry whole market not big case falls, foreign capital brand does not wish to forgo rich and generous profit and go angle market is had. Some sells controller of field color television to express, 5 years ago, foreign capital is the same as a price of 42 inches of products to be in basically 30 thousand - 40 thousand yuan or so, and drop however now defeat 10 thousand yuan to close greatly profitable still, although eliminate upgrades,brought cost reduces a factor, also can see its the profit space at that time.

On channel relation construction, foreign capital brand sells through accord chain field is opposite the higher policy that return profit, it is better to was obtained sell a sale the position and full-court advocate turn get one's own back. And foreign capital brand between each other, tacit also effort is safeguarding this to plant alleged " Gao Zhigao price " figure, the foreign capital that in safeguarding compatriots heart at the same time, says not clear path is unidentified " complex " .
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