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[channel of TV of hubble-bubble net figure on November 15 dispatch] on the meeting of job of statistic of countrywide electron Information Industry that holding the day before yesterday, reform of MII economic system and Zhou Zixue of moving department director think what demonstrate a skill as flat is arisen, the prospect of CRT TV is very difficult. This also is to believe official yield a ministry to make known this position to the publicity of CRT industry.

Domestic CRT industry is quite dispirited 2007, be decreased because of the acute of market demand and of sale price drop greatly, deficit of add of posture of numerous CRT industry or stop production, surpass case SamSung in order to produce the Shenzhen that CRT glass case gives priority to to be exemple, the deficit first half of the year achieved 165 million yuan of RMBs, and the product line that the day surpassing case with subordinate share of Shenzhen game division establishs color to show tubal company is already entire stop production, the 139 million RMB of deficit of before this year 3 quarters; Rainbow monitor Inc. loss of a few years ago 3 season 44.81 million RMB, and the deficit of before Henan brings colour tall family 3 season also achieved 150 million yuan of RMB.

Zhouzi learns to think at the same time, although partial enterprise rolled out ultrathin CRT product, and scored certain gain, but this is the behavior inside short time only, do not have too great sense to the development of whole henceforth industry, and CRT enterprise must be worn flat of at present generation demonstrates a skill, the destiny that escapes hard to be washed out by the market otherwise.


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