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On January 22 message, the disappear in a few days ago assist Wugaohan is in deputy secretary-general " home appliance technology and consumer trend forum " on express, if home appliance enterprise does not undertake environmental protection is changed as early as possible, fear will encountering disaster.

Wu Gaohan expresses, although the investment of research and development of home appliance of energy-saving environmental protection is very big, and meeting suffocate suffocate may be returned in earlier sale, gain circumstance is not met certainly very good. But the direction that it is future however, at the same time the government is purchased also will bring an opportunity for these environmental protection enterprises, home appliance go to the countryside is paradigmatic. At the same time national policy also is guiding enterprise and consumption to undertake more healthy production is consumed.

He develops simultaneously the polybag that near future of home going abroad publishs carries out method compulsively to say for example, if at present home appliance company still cannot develop the research and development of environmental protection product as early as possible, future they also the disaster that may encounter polybag produce a business.

Industrial public figure also points out, a few tall use up, the product that goes against environmental protection, need falls into disuse stage by stage, and this kind falls into disuse, those who need new technology new product drive, need the drive of the behavior of the enterprise of partial lead and lead more.

That day on the conference, deputy secretary-general Chen Gang still discloses academy of Chinese home appliance, small home appliance is strong execute standard of specific power consumption to come on stage this year.

He says, it is with rice cooker of microwave oven, report, fanner at present pilot, this showed home appliance will be moved toward in the round energy-saving change, small home appliance estimates the cost with wide bedding face this kind can product, should cause social attention. Accordingly, this the conference also showed consumption of our home appliance will be moved toward comprehensive energy-saving change.


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