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Color television enterprise: Face Olympic Games business chance we are ready

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Reporter circuit is interviewed come down, hearing maximum sentence is " face Olympic Games business chance, we are ready! " in the word from them, we numerated digital TV terminal has made preparation. The conclusion that after with the reporter at this o'clock this paragraph of time visits the bazaar, reachs happens to have the same view.

TV domain: Liquid crystal TV satisfies high-definition indication requirement all the time; After plasma breaks through high-definition bottleneck, the scale of high-definition TV increases substantially; CRT TV withdraws city rate to defer, also increasing strength of high-definition TV research and development to roll out a few products.

Domain of machine of an organic whole: Aim at TV of figure of translation of whole of wired number TV, floor to leave sow and the satellite enters the space business chance, long rainbow, TCL, SamSung, Toshiba inside firm of domestic and international numerous TV rolled out machine of digital TV an organic whole, include to be able to upgrade, a variety of economic products such as whole pattern, and sell had had carry out.

Domain of machine top box: Mark Qing Dynasty still is the product with most sales volume, do not cross the advent as the Olympic Games, posture of growth of box of top of high-definition, interactive machine is satisfactory, from operation business the reach data there is forecasted, high-definition this year, interactive machine carries the amount of the box on the head to be able to exceed 10 thousand.

Digital TV terminal the linkage of each industry catenary, ensured of television relay of number of current Olympic Games move normally, also brought tremendous development opportunity to the industry at the same time.

As the development of our country economy, the development speed of digital TV also is being accelerated. In market structure respect, the digital TV market of our country is at present initial already the market structure that forms the ground, wired, satellite to transmit digital TV signal in the round. In cover limits aspect, at present Beijing, Shanghai has opened floor figure TV high-definition channel. During the Olympic Games, city of 6 Olympic Gameses mixes island of emperor of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenyang, Qingdao, the Qin Dynasty and other places of Guangzhou, Shenzhen will leave seed the ground high-definition TV program, the home before predicting the end of the year will have 37 cities to leave seed the ground high-definition number channel. In addition, direct seeding satellite enters the space smoothly also.

Apparent, no matter wired, ground still is satellitic number TV, hardware condition is in mature gradually, the market also is growing quickly, the business is right now wholesale market of terminal of sortie number TV, participate in disentomb rear the potential market of one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan of dimensions, everybody will no matter be opposite,be happy.

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