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Home appliance little common sense: How to buy gratified liquid crystal color te

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Do not anxious to get things on the cheap

At present, the price of TV of 32 inches of liquid crystal falls defeat 9000 yuan, but the expert points out, the price of the liquid crystal screen that at present 32 inches of quality stabilize liquid crystal TV still is in 1000 dollars left and right sides, 8999 yuan buy the liquid crystal TV that has been less than absolutely.

Dimension adjust measures to local conditions

This year the mainstream dimension of liquid crystal TV is 32 inches. If want to find a place for in the bedroom liquid crystal TV, buy 32 inches even 23 inches most appropriate, 5000 yuan of right-and-left prices compare the consumption level of appropriate China consumer at present.

Notice technical parameter

The technical parameter with liquid crystal the most important TV is response rate, at present first-class response rate is controlled in 8 millisecond, but the price is high, buy can achieve 12 to 15 millisecond OK; It is to should notice resolution next, had better be in 1280 × 768 above are OK; Again, the perspective of TV is very important also, and the perspective of newest liquid crystal TV can achieve 176 degrees of above; In addition, colour degree of saturation also be important technical parameter.

Understand screen provider

Although the manufacturer of screen of manufacturing liquid crystal is not much, but the screen difference of different manufacturer is bigger however, buy Shi Yingxian to understand the manufacturer situation that produces screen so, and Xia Pu, SamSung, Suo Ni and LG - the product performance of the big manufacturer such as Philips is most excellent. (Xiaobai)


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