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Show of lane of Suo Ni number gives Ji of secret of color television choose and

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High-definition? Flat? You are when color television of choose and buy, cross-stitch work eye. So, to new the mill of labour of Suo Ni number of 100 7 buildings comes look one look ah. You still can teach to select the product such as color television here alone door secret Ji.

Explore lane of job of Suo Ni number

Yesterday, reporter seek by inquiry be located in new market opening new the lane of job of Suo Ni number of 100 7 buildings.

Enter digital job lane, be attracted by the place of Suo Ni product of rich and colorful instantly above all. Suo Ni number is versed in mill is different from general electric equipment store, it is completely open reveal a space, can experience the infinite joy that digital product brings with one's own hands. And, without giving thought to demand how, be here to be able to find the product of Suo Ni number that fits oneself.

The staff member's reception is very enthusiastic, the introduction is detailed. Professional member coachs mechanism, can assure to be in experience Suo Ni for a short while alone attractive recreational lifestyle.

Reporter discovery, in lane of job of Suo Ni number, return those who have all sorts of elaborate design to groom course. Groom professionally ground of meeting handgrip hand teachs the teacher how to use Suo Ni product, and return activity of member of can fixed organization, film on the spot to field, come back to edit DVD of the individual character that make. Here, OK still associate with the good friend of a lot of have a common goal.

Series of Suo Ni W380: Low-key deduce costly

In lane of job of Suo Ni number, the staff member disclosed the Ji of secret of choose and buy of color television. What parameter is the index with the mainest color television? It is the back illuminant of strength of stable and rich show of course, clear and exquisite colour is behaved, the exterior with contracted small a rope for towing a boat is designed. And will realize high-definition signal hookup as the Olympic Games, "Completely high-definition " , " the processing capability of picture of high speed trends " more make the popular search statement that buys TV at present.

According to introducing, suo Ni is in this year first half of the year advocate make series of two completely high-definition liquid crystal -- series of Suo Ni W380 and series of Suo Ni V440. If you go after the top class picture that admiral X fastens to be behaved character, but the budget is limited, so the W380 series that considers Suo Ni to just appear on the market this year please is tasted newly.

Suo Ni W380 is completely high-definition liquid crystal, applied Suo Ni's particular Motionflow100Hz times doubler technology of drive of face plate of fast liquid crystal, can promote the TV signal frequency of Chinese area 50Hz double to 100Hz, solve the problem pulling end of athletic picture. Had Suo Ni W380, the Liu Xiang on Beijing Olympic Games bumps into line, Yao Ming to discount the wonderful and dynamic appearance such as basket can perfect appear.
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