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Normative color television moves voice definition market to affect need checking

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Recently " Chinese electron signs up for " the reporter learns solely, wide the definition of color television trends that gets the attention inside course of study is normative, CurrentIntensifying test and in making, plan to be released formally on April 22. This standard is inspected by Chinese electron chair like guild make, chinese electron technology standardizes an institute to participate in test and argumentation. This comes on stage normatively to be helpful for the development of plasma industry apparently, but whether the market effect that produces materiality to its still has need checking card.

Concerned expert expresses, this one standard publishs greater sense to depend on: As the drawing near of Beijing Olympic Games, common people is rightTVThe picture pays close attention to more and more in the definition below athletic condition, and color television industry returns the part with non-standard existence to high-definition understanding and transmission, the definition that evaluates dynamic picture before can rely on subjective evaluation only, and the dynamic definition that this one standard is color television, offerred a referenced target that makes clear objectively.

   Dynamic definition is limitted will have according to can be being depended on

Color television definition contains two levels in fact: Static definition and dynamic definition. Just as its name implies, static definition shows TV is showing the definition when static picture, and the definition when dynamic definition shows TV is showing dynamic picture.

In March 2006, our country was promulgatedNumberTV is high-definition standard, its are reflected morely to high-definition definition going up to the resolution of static image, basically define a television to whether have the ability that demonstrates signal of high-definition clear TV namely. But be in to the television when receiving high-definition TV signal actually, inMotion
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