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Industry of color television of China of the 1st quarter studied 2008 news brief

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Economic moving department, product government department and Chinese electron are inspected sponsor like guild tripartite alliance, sell advisory company to undertake by Ao Weiying " economy of Information Industry of electron of China of the 1st quarter ran news briefing of bulletin and research of color television industry 2008 " the capital of a country at be in Beijing on April 22, 2008 afternoon the hotel that believe center succeeds. This is change in former MII after making industry and informatization department, conference of industry of color television of when sponsor first high standards.

In this conference go to work the economy that believe a ministry ran department key to point out greater part makes reform develop to Chinese electron Information Industry promote with good luck, announced formally the economy of Information Industry of electron of China of the 1st quarter ran bulletin and bulletin of statistic of fixed assets investment 2008; Chinese electron is inspected like guild criterion trend of structure of the industrial environment that deepness anatomized industry of integral color television, dimensions and development direction, and the propulsion that the Olympic Games combines dynamic and high-definition standard to publish pair of flat TV industries effectiveness; Advisory company of abstruse dimension sale was released publicly " the Olympic Games buys an influence to flat television " achievement of special subject research, from reality and potential two levels and consumer demand feature are specific proved an Olympic Games to be opposite the positive effect of flat television market; How ought to high level of company attending the meeting and expert scholar capture the respect such as the market opportunity that the Olympic Games brings to undertake special subject delibrate to drive element and enterprise from the development direction of the industry.

   One, market of color television of the 1st quarter goes before wind snow is medium

Downstream area sufferred the infrequent snow disaster that does not encounter 50 years in the Yangtse River of our country of the 1st quarter 2008, snow calamity brings huge pecuniary loss, at the same time also block broke thoroughfare of traffic of each north and south, the content that affected what south saves city resident a few times 10 badly to give color television of a Ji Huadong, Huana to produce base sheds a system. But the enthusiasm that color television buys during this frozen cold winter does not have completely cooling and broad consumer to come in festival of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day, total sales volume achieves color television of China of the 1st quarter 9.64 million, compared to the same period 2007 only small do not reduce 2 % , and sell the forehead to achieve 37.3 billion yuan, grow 21 % compared to the same period.

As a result of CRT TV market more than 60 % are in a rural area, the traffic of capacious a rural area in wind snow is worse dredge, the negative effect that so CRT TV gets is opposite a few bigger, sales volume of the 1st quarter 6.32 million, dropped 2007 compared to the same period 19 % , and ultrathin CRT TV maintained growth tenaciously, sales volume is close 1.4 million. Although CRT TV already entered decline cycle, but the 2nd quarter begins those who suffer traditional sale busy season and Olympic Games to pull move, compared to the same period attenuation hopeful reduces 10 % less than; Although market of liquid crystal TV also is affected apparently, but compared to the same period increase rate still achieves 58 % , sales volume is 2.87 million, occupy proportion of market of integral color television to be as high as nearly 30 % , selling the specified amount is to contribute 24 billion yuan more. Predict 4 to August liquid crystal TV will greet a flourishing to sell long cycle, grow compared to the same period pick up 80 % above; Plasma TV profit from 32 inches swift and violent growth and get warm again after a cold spell of market public opinion, the 1st quarter obtained the beautiful performance that grows 189 % compared to the same period, sales volume is 440 thousand, as dynamic and high-definition occupation standard come on stage, will quits ion forms more favorable macroscopical growing environment.
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